Merry Christmas 2018

Dear readers,

I wish to share a wonderful experience and a miracle.

I landed on Manila on 26 Nov, 10 p.m. I took Grab Car from airport to my hotel. After half an hour upon checking in, to my horror, I realized that my laptop bag was missing!

My bag had these valuable items:-
a) laptop with confidential files, intellectual properties, working e-mails, and passwords;
b) Public Bank security token;
c) HSBC security token;
d) house keys;

I started to panic but then calm down.

I had contacted the Grab car driver who dropped me at hotel to check if my laptop bag was left in his car. But he answered no.

I seek help from the hotel’s security to check the CCTV recording, it didn’t show me carrying laptop bag while checking in.

So the only place that I might have left my laptop bag was at the airport. So at 12:25 am in the morning, I took Grab taxi back to the airport and searched at these places:-
a) Grab booth;
b) Globe (TELCO) booth;
c) toilet of the baggage collection area
unfortunately, my laptop bag was not there.

Before going to airport I had prepared myself for the worst case scenario. I didn’t have any high expectations because Philippines is a poor country.

Finally, I asked for the direction to the lost and found office. And to my surprise, my laptop bag was there.

I had left it at the Grab counter, outside of arrival hall. Usually in this public area without any CCTV and security guard, my bag would have definitely gone. Not only I found my bag, all items in my bag were intact.

You can say that I had good fortune but I believe that it was a miracle.

Have you lost something? I wish that in this Christmas and in the coming new year, you will experience a miracle — something valuable that you have lost is found.

Merry Christmas!
Kong Leng