How to Run VCOM as Windows Service

VCOM is a Windows Application. It is NOT a Windows Service. VCOM will auto-run when user has logged into (entering user name and password) Windows. Otherwise, VCOM will not run.

To run VCOM as a Windows Service you can manually create a Windows Service using these steps. However, take note that you cannot run VCOM as both Windows Application and Windows Service mode at the same time.


Configure VCOM as Windows Service

  1. First, IP address of MobiGATE and all 8 modems must be properly configured in VCOM application.
  2. Disable “auto-start” in VCOM application:
  3. Exit completely VCOM application.
  4. Download and install Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools from Microsoft web page or from here …
  5. Only 2 executable files are needed:
    1. INSTSRV.exe
    2. SRVANY.exe
  6. After you have installed, run this command in command prompt:
    C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools>INSTSRV.exe VCOM "C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\SRVANY.exe"
  7. Run Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe), check the registry to verify that the ImagePath value under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\VCOM” is set to
    "C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\srvany.exe"
  8. Right click on VCOM, from the Edit menu, click “Add Key”. Type the following and click “OK”:
    Key Name: Parameters
    Class : <leave blank>
  9. Select the “Parameters” key, click “Add Value”. Type the following and click “OK”:
    Value Name: Application
    Data Type : REG_SZ
    String : C:\Program Files\VCOM\VCOM\vcom.exe
  10. Exit Registry Editor and goto “Computer Management > Services” configure “VCOM” to run “Automatic”
  11. After service is started, 8 COM ports are created:


  1. After VCOM service is started, then you start VCOM application, the application could NOT show all the 8 modems and 8 COM ports:
    VCOM application must be closed.
  2. If you want VCOM application to show all modems, then you must first stop the VCOM service, the only start VCOM application.
  3. VCOM cannot be running as both Windows Application and Windows Service mode at the same time.



How to Solve “Unable to open database file” in PHPRunner

PROBLEM: PHPRunner v.10 unable to open project files created using PHPRunner v. 5 with this error message …



Edit the “.phpr” file created by PHPRunner v. 5, change  the database connection variables. No.
Use PHPRunner v. 5 to re-build PHP files and update the “.phpr” with correct database settings. No.
Use PHPRunner v. 6.2 to re-build PHP files and update the “.phpr” created by PHPRunner v. 5 in above.

PHP v. 6.2 is able to open “.phpr” file created by v. 5.

No. PHPRunner v. 10 us unable to open the “.phpr” file created by v. 6.2.
Use PHPRunner v. 10 to create a new project and connect to MySQL database server. Open the “.phpr” file to review the connection string. No because “.phpr” structure is different between PHPRunner v. 10 and v. 5
Use PHPRunner v. 8 to open “CRM.phpr”, re-build PHP files and update the “.phpr” created by PHPRunner v. 5 in above. Yes. PHPRunner v. 10 is able to open “.phpr” file created by v.8.


CONCLUSION: PHPRunner v. 10 cannot open project files created by PHPRunner v. 7 and earlier.

SOLUTION: use PHPRunner v. 8 to  re-build project file created by earlier version of PHPRunner, then use v. 10 to open project files created by PHPRunner v.8.


  1. PHP files generated by PHPRunner v. 5, 6, 7, 8 will have error message “mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead” when uploaded to as they are NOT using “mysqli”.

How to Search for the IP Address of MOBITEK S80 3G Modem

There are 2 methods:-

  1. USR-TCP


    Click on ” Search in LAN” and you will find your modem in the “Device list in the Net”.Once you click on the modem which is visible on that list, you can view the parameters (including the IP address) of MOBITEK S80 3G MODEM.
  2. Using USR-VCOM
    Once done with the USR-VCOM setup, click on “Search” and select T24. 

    The modem that been detected by the USR-VCOM will be shown as below with the IP address:

VCOM Cannot Be Used to Change IP Address of MobiGATE


  • VCOM Cannot Be Used to Change IP Address of MobiGATE. 
  • The “Configure” button in VCOM is NOT able to change the IP address.
Select the MobiGATE then click on the “Configure” in VCOM.
Enter the new IP address for the MobiGATE
new IP address and Submask Address been entered
When OK is clicked, no response except .ion
Did the IP address changed? No, IP address remains at
What happens if I fill all the fields provided? — NOTHING
After OK is pressed -NOTHING HAPPENS




How to Solve MobiGATE Fails to Initailize Despite Hyper Terminal Can Communicate with MobiGATE

Cause: MSComm.ocx did not install properly or the date of the file is incorrect. This occur when SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition has been reinstalled a few times on the same Windows machine.


  1. uninstall SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition
  2. if necessary, unregister MSCOMM.ocx and delete it
  3. then install SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition


  1. unregister the “MSComm.ocx” and delete it
  2. copy the new MSComm.ocx and manually register it

How to Set-Up 3G Router F342x

Configuring F342x

  1. Right click on “Ethernet”
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Optional — check on “QoS Packet Scheduler” & “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  4. Select “TCP/IPv4” and click on the “Properties”
  5. “IP address” and “Default gateway” should NOT be the same.
    • Default Gateway = IP address of the router
    • here is an example of IP address ( and Default Gateway ( that were entered
  6.   Enter the IP address of the 3G Router on the web page, you will see this.
  7. Click on “Setup”, and enter this to enable access to the Configuration Page of F3424 —  user name “admin”, password  is “admin”.
  8. Click on “WAN”, to check 3G signal strength and connection status.

Configuring APN of the 3G Network (SIM card)

  1. Look for “APN” to check the connected network
  2. Select a preferred network from the table below and key-in into the APN on the F3424 configuration page.
    MAXIS 3G
    APN unet net diginet
    USERNAME maxis maxis guest guest
    PASSWORD net guest guest guest

How to Check for Internet Connection

There are 2 ways:-

  1. Check WAN status :
  2. Use web browser to check for internet connection


COM Port Number of MOBITEK S80 Modem Will Change If USB Port is Changed

MOBITEK® S80 for SMS Over 3G Network


OBJECTIVE: to test if restarting Windows 10 causes COM port number of MOBITEK S80 SMS Modem to change.


  1. Use MOBITEK S80 (no SIM card required)
  2. Use your Lenovo laptop running Windows 10
  3. Connect S80 into USB port no. 1
What is the COM port number?


  • Restart Windows 10
What is the COM port number after restart?


Does COM port number change after restart?


  1. unplug S80 from USB port no. 1
  2. plug into USB port no. 2 (different one)
 What is the COM port number?  COM 7

  • Restart Windows 10
 What is the COM port number after restart? 


Does COM port number change after restart?



Restarting Windows 10 doesn’t change the COM Port Number.

It is common that that the COM port number will be changed if you plug the modem into another USB port. As long as that MOBITEK S80 is using the same USB port, COM port number will be the same.


How to Solve Unable to Log Into Windows XP PC Despite The User Name and Password Are Correct

Problem: On local area network (LAN), other PC (Windows Vista, 7 and 8) are not able to log into Windows XP PC with the correct user name and password.

Solution: the date and time of Windows XP PC are incorrect, re-set them.