How to Set-Up 3G Router F342x

Steps to set-up F342x:

  1. Right click on “Ethernet”
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Check on “QoS Packet Scheduler” & “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)
  4. Select “TCP/IPv4” and click on the “Properties”
  5. IP address and default gateway shouldn’t be the same.
  6.   Enter the IP address of the 3G Router on the web page, you will see this.
  7. Click on “Setup”, and enter this to enable access to the Configuration Page of F3424 —  user name “admin”, password  is “admin”.
  8. Click on “WAN”, to check 3G signal strength and connection status.

Configure APN to connect to the 3G network

  1. Look for “APN” to check the connected network
  2. Select a preferred network from the table below and key-in into the APN on the F3424 configuration page.
    MAXIS 2G
    MAXIS 3G
    APN Internet.gprs.maxis unet net diginet
    USERNAME guest maxis maxis guest guest
    PASSWORD wap net guest guest guest

Check if there is an internet connection

  1. Steps & pictures to check if there is an internet connection:
    • Check WAN status :
    • Use web browser to check internet connection