USB Drivers of FX30 and MOBITEK S80 Have Conflict — Bad_pool_caller

Problem: the USB Drivers for both FX30 and MOBITEK S80 cannot be installed in the same machine. Otherwise the below blue screen error will appear when trying to connect MOBITEK S80 3G Modem to the PC/machine.


Solutions: there are 3 solutions to choose:

  1. reboot Windows into “last known good configuration” (source:;
  2. run system restore to restore Windows to the a date before FX30 USB driver was installed; or
  3. uninstall FX30 USB driver.

How to Set-Up MOBITEK S80 SMS Modem with WinPower UPS software

Applies to:

MOBITEK® S80 for SMS Over 3G Network


  1. Connect your laptop/desktop to UPS and MOBITEK S80 Modem to laptop/desktop. Open Winpower UPS software. Go to System menu -> Act as Administrator and enter the password. The default password is “Administrator“. This step is important in order to configure Winpower software setting.

    To change the administrator password (optional), go to System menu -> Modify Administrator Password and enter the new password for administrator.
  2. Go to System menu -> Auto Search Device to search for UPS device automatically.

    Wait for the UPS to be searched.

    When found, the UPS device will be shown in the list. Double-click on it to see the UPS device status.
  3. Go to Tools menu -> SMS Setting to configure the SMS notification for UPS events.
  4. In SMS Setting, set the Com Port for MOBITEK S80 Modem, the Baud Rate to “115200“, and the Format of phone number to “Without National Code“. Enter the phone number for the notification to be sent, click Add button and select the phone number in the list. After that select the abnormal event in the event list that you want to be notified for. Click Test button to test the SMS sent successfully or not. If successful, click OK button.

How to Solve SMS Engine Fails to Initialize Despite Hyper Terminal Can Communicate with MobiGATE

Applies to:

  • All SDK (SMS API, STK API, etc.)
  • all versions of SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition

Cause: “MSComm32.ocx” did not install properly or the date of the file is incorrect. This occur when MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition has been reinstalled a few times on the same Windows machine.


  1. Uninstall MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition.
  2. Unregister “MSComm32.ocx”:
    1. for Windows 64-bit, run “cmd” or “Command Prompt” as “administrator”, then type
      1. “cd %systemroot%\SysWoW64\
      2. regsvr32.exe /u mscomm32.ocx
    2. for Windows 32-bit, goto Start → Run → type “regsvr32 /u mscomm32.ocx”
  3. Delete “MSComm32.ocx”.
  4. Re-install SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition.


  1. Unregister the “MSComm32.ocx” and delete it
    1. for Windows 64-bit, run “cmd” or “Command Prompt” as “administrator”, then type:
      1. cd %systemroot%\SysWoW64\
      2. regsvr32 /u mscomm32.ocx
    2. for Windows 32-bit, goto Start Run  type “regsvr32 /u mscomm32.ocx
  2. Copy the new “MSComm32.ocx” and manually register it:
    1. for Windows 64-bit, run “cmd” or “Command Prompt” as “administrator”, then type:
      1. “cd %systemroot%\SysWoW64\
      2. regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx
    2. for Windows 32-bit, goto Start Run type “regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx



Set-up Guide for MOBITEK S80 on LAN

Objective: to set-up MOBITEK® S80 to operate on local area network (LAN) via LAN port.

Applies to:-

  • MOBITEK® S80 SMS Modem Type S-L
  • MOBITEK® S80 3G Modem Type E-L

MOBITEK® S80 for SMS Over 3G Network


How to Configure LAN Port of MOBITEK® S80

There are 2 tasks:-

  1. How to Assign/Change IP Address of MOBITEK® S80
    1. IP address has to be assigned to the modem
  2. How to Add A COM Port for MOBITEK® S80
    1. on PC/server, a new COM port has to be added and mapped to the IP address of the modem


How to Assign/Change IP Address of MOBITEK® S80

  1. Connect the LAN  (ethernet) cable to the modem and the other end to your router or switch.
  2. Connect power adapter to the modem, turn on the power.
  3. Run the Windows application “USR-TCP232-T24-V5.1.1.20.exe“.
  4. Click “Search in LAN”.
  5. It will look for the IP address of MOBITEK® S80, if found it will display the address. In this example it is
  6. Click the “Device list in the net” , make the following changes in the “Parameters” section:-
    1. set to “TCP Server”;
    2. change the IP address in “Module IP” that matches your LAN, the IP address is for MOBITEK® S80 (e.g.;
    3. change the “Default Gateway” that matches the IP address of your router (e.g.;
    4. optional — change “Module port”;
  7. Finally, click “Set selected item via Net” or “Set selected item via LAN” to save changes.
  8. Exit the Windows application “USR-TCP232-Setup”.


How to Add A COM Port for MOBITEK® S80

  1. In Windows PC/Server, install “USR-VCOM” then run it.
  2. Click “Smart Vcom” (you must first exit “USR-TCP232-Setup”, otherwise an error message “Search port 1901 is occupied” will appear):
  3. If MOBITEK® S80 is found, it will be displayed. Check it then click “Next” to create COM port.
  4. A new COM port number will be created under “COM Name”, in this example it is 1.
  5. Also the COM port number can also be seen either in “Device Manager -> Ports”
    or in  “Device Manager -> Virtual Serial Ports (Eltima Software)”. COM port number will be displayed.
  6. “Net State” will show “Connected”.
  7. Your application will communicate with MOBITEK® S80 via the above COM port number.
  8. When your application is connected to MOBITEK® S80  then “COM State” will show “Open”.
  9. When your application is communicating with MOBITEK® S80 to send and read SMS, the values in “COM Received” and “Net Received” will be increasing.
  10. Ensure “USR-VCOM” is set to “AutoRun” (red box) and ensure it is running, otherwise SMS application is unable to connect to MOBITEK® S80 Modem:


Appendix: Using “Search” to Find the IP address of MOBITEK S80

  1. If “Smart VCOM” fail to work, then use “Search” function. Select “USR-TCP232-T24”:
  2. If modem is found, it will list the IP address of modem:
  3. Click “Connect Virtual COM” to create a COM port:
  4. Select a COM port for the modem (e.g. COM20), and select “TCP Client”:
  5. MOBITEK® S80 Modem is connected to COM port number 20.

MOBITEK S80 SMS Modem — Send SMS via SQL Statement

Problem: Many 3G modems allow you to send SMS via graphical user interface but not able to integrate with your software or system.


Solution: MOBITEK® S80 SMS Modem

MOBITEK® S80 allows you to integrate with your software or system send SMS via SQL statement.

  1. To send out SMS
    Insert into Outbox (Message, Mobile, DateTimeQueue, Status) 
    values (‘Hello!’, ‘0163311600’, mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm am, ‘P’)
  2. To read all new SMS
    Select * from Inbox where Status = ‘New’


How It Works?

  • Your application will connect to a MS Access database file.
  • SMS Engine — Basic Edition (Windows software) connects to both MOBITEK® S80 and with the database file.
  • Whenever there is a new record in the [outbox] table, SMS Engine — Basic Edition will pick-up and instruct MOBITEK® S80 to send out as SMS.
  • Whenever there is a new incoming SMS recevied by MOBITEK® S80, SMS Engine — Basic Edition will automatically insert into [inbox] table


More Advantages of SMS Engine — Basic Edition 

  1. Rapid Development: no need to waste time in developing a programme to handle incoming and outgoing SMS.
  2. SIM Unlock: enter the PIN, and the SMS Engine will unlock the SIM card.
  3. Polling: set the frequency of database polling – this will control the speed of the sending and receiving SMS.
  4. Delivery Status Report: a report will accompany with each outgoing SMS to report whether the SMS is delivered or not.
  5. Routing: able to configure multiple mobile number prefixes (by comma separated).
  6. Direction: to speed-up the broadcast, SMS Engine can be configured to send SMS only.
  7. Query Balance: if prepaid is used, the credit balance can be queried.
  8. Reload: if prepaid is used, a top-up can be performed.
  9. For more information, refer to


New version 6 is available for existing customer to download. Please reply to this e-mail to receive the download link.

USB Driver of MOBITEK S80 SMS Modem Does Not Work in VirtualBox

Applies to: MOBITEK S80

MOBITEK® S80 for SMS Over 3G Network


Problem: when USB driver is installed, the following error message will appear:

  Windows was able to successfully install device driver
  software, but the driver software encountered a problem
  when it tried to run. The problem code is 10.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    PnPDeviceProblemCode
  Architecture:    x64
  Hardware Id:    USB\VID_1199&PID_68A3&REV_0006
  Setup class GUID:    {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}
  PnP problem code:    0000000A
  Driver name:    swiwdmbx64.sys
  Driver version:
  Driver date:    09-01-2014
  OS Version:    6.0.6001.
  Locale ID:    1033

Suggested Solution: in VirtualBox map the USB port of host machine to serial port to virtual machine, refer to  “How to Set-Up MOBITEK S80 Modem in VirtualBox