Industrial Training in IT, Puchong Area

Updated on 2018-04-06



During the internship period, you will be exposed to these areas:

Software Development

  1. design and write sample codes in, C#, PHP, Java

  2. update and maintain MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit in, PHP

  3. update and maintain MOBITEK MobiGATE’s software in, PHP

  4. develop mobile app

  5. writing technical manual for software developers

  6. writing user’s manual

Quality Control

  1. remote quality checking of product in China’s factory

  2. quality checking of software and hardware

Customer Support

  1. provide on-site installation and on-site support service

  2. provide trouble shooting and solution to customer via e-mail

  3. provide remote support via TeamViewer

Technical Sales and Marketing

  1. to handle technical sales enquiries through e-mail and telephone, on MOBITEK’s product

  2. develop a strategy to market product service

  3. design product catalogue

  4. update and maintain corporate web sites, corporate blog


  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

  2. Required skill(s):, Java, WordPress, MySQL, MSSQL, Networking

  3. Preferred skill(s): VB.Net, PHP, MySQL

  4. Required language(s): English

  5. Applicants must be willing to work in IOI Business Park, Puchong.

Working Hours

  • 5 days per week

  • 8 hours per day, 9 am to 6 pm, lunch break is 1 hour

Training Allowance

  • RM350 per month

Dress Code

  • smart casual


Interested candidate can leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you.

Birthday Greeting to Datuk Eric Ku





Dear Datuk Eric Ku Yee Fei,

There is a Chinese proverbs that says “it takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to train people to become talented.”

But I wish you:
It takes ten years to grow trees, but one year to train people to become talented under iTrain
and Happy Birthday!


Chinese New Year Greeting





Translation into Full Sentences
I wish all Young Entrepreneurs of KLSCCCI:

In year of dog, obtain the required skills and knowledge, so that you can execute your plan masterfully.

Moreover, be brave, stay resilient in the face of adversity and be decisive when making tough decision.

Most important of all, you must help fellow young entrepreneurs in KLSCCCI, for you will also receive help from them when you are desperate.

With all of these then you will get what you have desired in your heart.

With best wishes ,
🆖 Kong Leng


Word by Word Translation
▶ 喺狗年 = In year of dog

▶ 好夠勁 = highly skill, knowledgeable and masterful

▶ 好够胆 = very brave

▶ 好够薑 = stay resilient in the face of adversity

▶ 好够狠 = decisive when making tough decision

▶ 够義氣 = helping others in times of need

咁样各位就會得到你哋心想既嘢喇 = with all of these then you will get what you have desired in your heart.

In Cantonese 狗 and 够 have similar pronunciation “gou” but different tone.



*够吃够住   豐衣足食*
*萬事够好   十犬十美*


Today, is the 7th day of the year of dog, I wish each member of the Digital Economy Group:

Is living comfortably (especially during current slow economy envrionment),

Everything (health, beauty, business, work, venture, etc.) is adequately and perfectly good as well as beautiful.

With best wishes,
🆖 Kong Leng

*Word by Word Translation*
▶ 够吃够住 = enough to eat and live

▶ 豐衣足食 = well clothed and well fed

▶ 萬事够好 = everything is adequately good

▶ 十犬十美 = 十全十美 = perfect and beautiful

▶ 犬 = dog

▶ 犬 and 全 have the same pinyin “quan” but with different tone

▶ 狗 and 够 have similar pinyin “gou” but with different tone





In the 1st day of the year of dog, I wish Datuk Ng Yih Pyng,chairman of KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Committee:

May Tomei’s gold, silver and jewellery are all sold out,
thereby continuously bringing riches and wealth to you.

Best wishes from
🆖 Kong Leng

犬 = dog

金銀珠寳 = business of TOMEI — gold, silver and jewellery

金銀珠寳賣斷貨 = May all Tomei’s gold, silver and jewellery are all sold out

金銀財寳續廣進 = thereby continuously bringing riches and wealth to you.





各位青商團員 — To all Young Entreprenuers Group Members
金雞三啼報旺年 — The golden rooster welcomes the auspicious year in three crows
一啼,生意興隆勝猴年 — 1st crow, business in this year is better than last year
二啼,萬事如意每一年 — 2nd crow, all things go according to you wishes in every year
三啼,輝煌青商至百年 — 3rd crow, your business stays youhtful and is magnificient forever
黄公龍 — Ng Kong Leng
隆雪中總青商執委會會員 — executive committee member of KLSCCCI Young Entreprenuers
敬賀 — with best wishes




今天是大年初九,小弟向諸位中總青商團團員拜年 — I like to extend Chinese New Year greeting to ACCCIM Young Entreprenuers Committee Members
金雞三啼報吉年 — The golden rooster welcomes the auspicious year in three crows
一啼,財源廣進勝猴年 — 1st crow, sources of income is better than last year
二啼,青商高峰就今年 — 2nd crow, your business will reach its pinnacle in this year
三啼,高峰節升年又年 — 3rd crow, your business will scale a higher pinncacle year on year
黄公龍 — Ng Kong Leng
隆雪中總青商團執委會會員 — executive committee member of KLSCCCI Young Entreprenuers
敬賀 — with best wishes

Proposal to TN50 — Zero Tax

proposed by Ng Kong Leng

Malaysia should have zero tax by 2050. “Zero tax” — no income tax, no corporate tax, no GST.


Why tax is bad?

  1. any government in the world do not often make the right economic and financial decision in allocating tax revenue for the right purpose;
  2. tax deters company to invest more in local economy, e.g. Apple does not manufacture iPhone in US;
  3. tax deters a person to attain higher income, there is no incentive for you to work harder because you need to pay more tax;
  4. tax deters economy growth, especially on consumption as tax had taken away disposal income


What is the solution?

  1. Crowd funding or Equity Funding
  2. Economic Efficiency via Pareto Improvement

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Benefits of ASEAN Economic Integration

by Ng Kong Leng


I am a seasonal entrepreneur who have been travelling among the ASEAN countries for market development, trade missions organised by MATRADE and business meetings since 2011.

The countries that I have been are Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

When I heard that ASEAN members will integrate their economies as ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMINUTY (AEC), this is to me, a good news.

The primary objective of this essay is to share my personal experience in doing business in ASEAN, the problems that I have encountered and the benefits I hope to derive from the integration of ASEAN economy.

The secondary objective is to explore the benefits of AEC for SME in a tangible manner.

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Visit to the Fave Group

Dear All,


Greetings from KLSCCCI!


ACCCIM Digital Economy Committee will be organising a Courtesy Visit to Fave. For your information, Fave is one of the fastest growing local commerce startups in South East Asia, where consumers can find amazing offers for restaurants, spa, beauty, services, leisure, hotel. Fave also runs fitness sharing portal – KFit. In the past year, Fave has acquired Groupon Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Fave/KFit is an award winning office –


You are cordially invited to the visit which will be held as follows:

Date:    17th June 2017 (Saturday)

Time:   9.30 a.m.

Venue: Level 2 Tower 7 Avenue 3 Bangsar South


Visit Agenda:

1) Short tour of Fave office

2) Session on Fave journey so far


Interested members may register via replying to this email or contact the KLSCCCI Secretariat at Tel : 03-4253 2135. Please confirm your participation before 15th June 2017 to facilitate arrangement. Your participation to this visit is highly encouraged.


Thank you.

Brainstorming on Co-Working Office or Incubation Centre

To: Datuk Ng

From: K. L. Ng

Datuk, good afternoon.

I like to brainstorm with you another project that KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs (Youth) Commiittee can offer to members and non-members in addition to Business Consulting Programme.

*Project: KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Co-Working Office / Incubation Centre*
– location of office/centre, Wisma Chinese Chamber
– Co-working office is similar to MAGIC that we visited 2 years ago —
– the business consulting programme can be held there and provide consultation to tenants
– 50% of the space will be offered to qualified young entrepreneurs for free while balance 50% rented out at market rate

*Target Entrepreneurs:*
a) young entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in KL but do not wish to incurr high rental cost
b) Chinese entrepreneurs from ASEAN (e.g. from Manila) who wish to explore Malaysia market and need a office

*Benefits to KLSCCCI:*
a) increase the service, branding, image, good will
b) increase rental revenue to KLSCCCI

*Business Model: social enterprise*

A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being—this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. Social enterprises can be structured as a for-profit or non-profit. What differentiates social enterprises is that their social mission is as core to their success as any potential profit.

What do you think?

Brainstorming on KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Committee Investment Vehicle

To: EXCO Member of KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Committee

From: K. L. Ng

I am just brain storming here ….

Since all of us are entrepreneurs, some may like to invest but do not wish to operate.

If we set up an investment vehicle, share holders/investors are KLSCCI Youth to invest a business say another retail outlet of Original Cake.

Each investor will get a return.

Much like crowdfunding but the crowd is KLSCCCI Youth, business it is more towards tradition business, the sturcture more formal and structure.


Suggestion on KLSCCCI YEC Membership Directory/Handbook

To: EXCO Members

From: K. L. Ng

Re: Suggestion on  KLSCCCI YEC Membership Directory/Handbook

It was agreed that when our membership reaches 400 members, a handbook (membership directory) will be printed.

Instead of pending 400 members, I like to suggest that we can print it now as we have 200+ members.

1st section: Profile of Chairman, Vice chairmans, EXCO members
2nd section: Profile of KLSCCCI YEC Members sort by company name

– pasport size photo of member
– logo of business
– Q.R. code containing mobile number, office number, fax, e-mail, www, name, company name, etc.
– profile of founder
– profile of company
– 1 page for 1 member

Currently, with 200+ members, using the above format, the handbook will be 200 pages thick. If 400, then it will be very heavy and bulky.

The benefits of printing handbook now are:-
1) for getting to know each other within youth members: right now, I know the name in Whatsapp group but do not know what is the member’s business.
E.g. If I want to know who is doing printing, I can refer to the handbook, and contact the youth directly (right now is posting a message in whatsapp “Who is doing printing?”);
E.g. If I like to know what business is my group members doing, I can refer to handbook;
E.g. if a member wants to find out more about the group leader, he can refer to the 1st section.

2) to create business opportunites by distributing the handbook to youths from other states during ACCCIM YEC Ipoh.
E.g. KLSCCCI can set up a table during ACCCIM YEC IPOH, if a youth from Ipoh wants to look for JV opportunies in KL, he can go to KLSCCCI YEC table and obtain a copy of the handbook to look for the potentional business partner.

3) the handbook can also be used to distirbute to visiting delegate e.g. MACAU YOUTH

4) to create a value to youth members as they will have a sense of belonging and we are helping them to promote their business to other youth members from other states and countries

If printing cost is a constraint, then we can consider printing it and distributing it in “pdf” format. Upload to whatsapp group and our Facebook.

If the above suggestion is beneficial, please discuss during the upcoming EXCO meeting in March.