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How to Block Spammer or Hacker Who Always Changed the Sender’s E-Mail Address?

Spammer or hacker will always change the e-mail address to avoid being flag as spam based on the sender’s e-mail address.


Solution: block the SMTP domain of spammer or hacker by using “Global Email Filters” tool in cPanel

  1. Goto “Global Email Filters”
  2. Click “Edit” on “Block E-mail Based on Header”
  3. Click on “+” button to add a new entry
  4. Change to “Any Header” and enter the header information that will be blocked by mail server and will be diverted to spam folder
  5. Finally, click “Save” button

Where Does PHPRunner Store the Database Settings?

PHPRunner version 10.x : ConnectionManager.php


protected function _setConnectionsData()
// content of this function can be modified on demo account
// variable names $data and $connectionsData are important

$connectionsData = array();

$data = array();
$data["dbType"] = 0;
$data["connId"] = "Tables";
$data["connName"] = "crm2017 at";
$data["connStringType"] = "mysql";
$data["connectionString"] = "mysql;;crm;scale-UP;;crm2017;;1"; //currently unused

$this->_connectionsIdByName["crm2017 at"] = "Tables";

$data["connInfo"] = array();
$data["ODBCUID"] = "crm";
$data["ODBCPWD"] = "scale-UP";
$data["leftWrap"] = "`";
$data["rightWrap"] = "`";

$data["DBPath"] = "db"; //currently unused 
$data["useServerMapPath"] = 1; //currently unused

$data["connInfo"][0] = "";
$data["connInfo"][1] = "crm";
$data["connInfo"][2] = "scale-UP";
$data["connInfo"][3] = "";
$data["connInfo"][4] = "crm2017";
$data["connInfo"][5] = ""; //currently unused
$data["connInfo"][6] = "1"; //currently unused
$data["ODBCString"] = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Server=;Uid=crm;Pwd=scale-UP;Database=crm2017;OPTION=3";
// encription set
$data["EncryptInfo"] = array();
$data["EncryptInfo"]["mode"] = 0;
$data["EncryptInfo"]["alg"] = 128;
$data["EncryptInfo"]["key"] = "";

$connectionsData["Tables"] = $data;
$this->_connectionsData = $connectionsData;


Summary Table — MOBITEK Modem in Linux Mint in VM and Linux Mint as Host OS

MODEM Linux Mint in VM Linux Mint in Dell-D630
MOBITEK S80 MOBITEK S80 does not work (no response in CuteCom) in VM-Linux Mint MOBITEK S80 can work in Linux Mint using USB. There are 4 COM ports created in Linux (ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, ttyUSB2, ttyUSB3), only “ttyUSB3” is used for the AT command.
MOBITEK Q24 MOBITEK Q24 is working (can send and read SMS) in VM-Linux Mint MOBITEK Q24 also can work in Linux using “ttyUSB0”


Workflow of UBS2015-PC Back-Up

Windows Backup and Restore

  1. daily back up at 6 pm to external hard disk drive (G:)


East-Tec Backup 2008

  1. lunch time back up, 1 pm , daily
  2. back-up all company files of Sage UBS2015-PC
  3.  keep copy of back-up for last 7 days in “F:” drive


SyncBack Free v8:

  1. compressed all back-up files in “F:” that are back up by East-Tec
  2. FTP upload 1 compressed file, “” to web server
  3. upload every Wednesday and Saturday
  4. set-up ransomware detection in “Expert” tab, when SyncBack detects file has been changed, then it will not perform FTP upload the compressed file and overwrite the one in web server



(to be added / edited later)

Renaming “Sierra Wireless” in COM Ports

Objective: to use AT command to rename “Sierra Wireless” to “MOBITEK” so that all the 4 COM ports will display “MOBITEK”


Result: after using the “AT+WUSB” to change name to “MOBITEK”, the 4 COM ports in device manager still show  as “Sierra Wireless” .


In addition, there is no AT command to remove the other 3 COM ports, “CNS”, ‘DM” & “NMEA”

How To Solve Modem Cannot be Connected or Unresponsive in CuteCom Linux

Applies To: MOBITEK S80 Modem, MOBITEK Q24 Modem, Linux OS


Caused By: permission or privilege to use serial port or USB port is NOT assigned to current user.


Solution: grant permission to current user by adding  “tty”, “dialout” into “Groups” of the current user.

  1. Optional — install “Cutecom” from Software Manager.

    Linux_USB-01Click on “install”
  2.  Go to “User and Groups”.
  3.  Click on the current user and then click on “Groups”.
  4.  Assign the following “Groups” or permissions to the user:-
    • dialout
    • root
    • sudo
    • tty
  5. Alternatively, command line can be used to add permission to the user:-
  6.  Restart Linux.

Theme of MOBITEK Blog Has Been Changed from “Twenty Eleven” to “Twenty Tweleve” and How to Add a Search Box

Original “Twenty Tweleve” theme does not have a search box at top right corner (same row with header).

Here are the steps taken to add a search box:

  1. add a folder for child theme in same directory of parent theme, e.g. “/wp-content/themes”
  2. name the folder as “twentytwelve-child-theme”
  3. refer to on how to create a child theme
    • all modifications are done on child theme rather on parent theme
    • child theme copies/inherits all properties from parent theme
    • copy “header.php” from parent theme, “twentytwelve” to child theme folder, “twentytwelve-child-theme”
    • modify the “header.php” in “twentytwelve-child-theme”
    • modify the “style.css” in “twentytwelve-child-theme”
  4. in the “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes”, choose the newly created child theme:
    • finally, a search box has been added:



How to Solve “MySQL server has gone away” in PHPRunner?

Problem: when viewing in browser with URL “http://localhost:8086/menu.php”, this error message will appear — “Fatal error: MySQL server has gone away in C:\Users\Documents\PHPRunnerProjects\Stock Control\output\connections\Connection.php on line 626


Applies To: PHPRunner v. 10. 4


Cause: problem will appear when SSL Connection is selected.


Solution: uncheck “SSL connection”.

How to Import a Virtual Machine via VDI File


  1. Refer to guide —
    • Copy the VDI file in VirtualBox’s virtual hard disk repository
    • Launch VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine. Choose an operating system among the choices given and click on Next button
    • Under Virtual Hard Disk, select Use existing hard diskand then click on the folder icon on the right
    • Now, a Virtual Media Manager window is opened. In that, click on the Add button and then select the VDI file which you want to open
    • Again, Virtual Hard Disk window is opened in which your new VDI is being shown and then click on Next
    • Now, your new virtual machine is started
  2. Import the OS — Linux Mint version 17 Cinnamon 64 bit, from “X:\VirtualBox Files\Linux Mint\Linux Mint.vdi” into your VirtualBox in your MSI laptop .
  3. After you have imported, you need to change the settings, e.g. network, as this VDI file was created using another machine/laptop