Mobile First Means SMS First





  1. There are more mobile phone accounts than humans alive.
  2. SMS text messaging is used by 75% of all mobile phone users on the planet by SAP latest numbers February 2015.
  3. SMS text messaging today in 2015 has more than twice the active user base than total installed base of all smartphones across all OS platforms, whether they use apps or not.
  4. If you are now pursuing a mobile strategy, and are thinking ‘mobile first’ of course you have to go SMS first.


iPhone 300 million download iPhone apps 4%
Tablets (any OS) 600 million 8%
Whatsapp 900 million 12%
Facebook on mobile 1200 million 17%
Skype 1200 million 17%
Android 1300 million 18%
Facebook (all tech) 1400 million 19%
PCs (all types) 1500 million 21%
eMail on mobile 2200 million 31%
Mobile internet 2200 million 31%
eMail on any tech 2500 million 35%
Internet on any tech 3000 million 42%
SMS 5400 million 75%



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How to Recover From Ramsonware Attack

  1. Shut down all PCs on the network.
  2. Disconnect all LAN/ethernet cable from all PCs to prevent any LAN or internet connection.
  3. A PC is infected by ramsonware if the files in the PC are encrypted and cannot be opened.
  4. One by one, connect each PC to internet, update virus definition of Windows Defender (or anti-virus software) and run full scan.
  5. Take note of the date and time the files are encrypted on all PCs.
  6. The PC having encrypted files with the earliest date & time is the 1st PC being infected.
  7. On another clean PC that is not connected to the LAN, run full scan on the back-up files and Windows image files that were created by Windows Backup.
    1. If you do not have any back-up of files and a recent copy Windows image file before the attack then recovering from ramsonware attack is impossible.
  8. Once the back-up files are scanned and certified clean, then back up a copy of all back-up files and Windows image onto a separate external hard disk.
    1. In case the back-up files and Windows image files are infected when doing restore, you still have a back up copy.
  9. After all PCs are scanned and cleaned by Windows Defender (or any anti-virus software), one by one:-
    1. restore each PC using Windows image that is dated earlier then the date of ransomware attack.;
    2. run Windows update to update all Windows securities (KB);
    3. using Windows Defender (or any anti-virus software) to run a full scan to ensure that there is no trace of ransomware after Windows has been restored;
    4. then finally restore all files that are encrypted by ransomware from Windows Backup.
  10. DO NOT connect all PCs to the LAN at the same time.
  11. One by one, connect PCs to LAN and internet, monitor if there are any files that are encrypted. If there are none, then connect another PC to the LAN. Repeat until all PCs are connected to LAN and internet.



  1. Usually, ramsonware is an attachment in e-mail and if e-mail has been identified has the entry of attack, then change the e-mail address.
  2. Enable e-mail redirection for non-spam mail to the new e-mail address.
  3. Delete the old e-mail address that is constantly being attacked by spammer when all customers, suppliers, etc. has been notified on the new e-mail address.
  4. Configure e-mail client, e.g. Thunderbird:-
    1. NOT to download or retrieve all contents of e-mail;
    2. set to download e-mail without any attachment or only the header of e-mail only;
    3. if the e-mail is from a known sender, then only download the full message with attachment.



  1. Create a back up policy that back up files and Windows image in these locations:-
    1. external hard disk that is connected on LAN;
    2. cloud or web hosting that is connected via internet;
    3. removable external hard disk that is NOT connected on LAN or internet.
  2. Back up all files using Windows Backup on daily basis to external hard disk that is connected on LAN.
  3. Save Windows Image using Windows Backup on weekly basis or daily basis to external hard disk that is connected on LAN.
  4. Back up all files in external hard disk to cloud (Drop Box, One Drive, etc.) or to web hosting server that is connected via internet.
  5. Back up all files in external hard disk that is connected on LAN to removable external hard disk that is disconnected from LAN and internet.

How to Solve LibreOffice Crashing When Printing Document that has Image

Problem: LibreOffice crashed when printing document that has image. Non-image document is not affected.

Applies to:

  • all version of LibreOffice from version 5 and above. Version 4 and below are not affected
  • printer model Fuji Xerox CP 05 b

Solution: download the latest printer driver from printer’s manufacturer and use the latest version. In our case, the latest driver is version from FujiXerox web site.

How to Run VCOM as Windows Service Using “AlwaysUp”


VCOM is a Windows Application. It is NOT a Windows Service. VCOM will auto-run when user has logged into (entering user name and password) Windows. Otherwise, VCOM will not run.

To run VCOM as a Windows Service you can install a 3rd party software call “AlwaysUp”.


Install & Configure VCOM in AlwaysUp

  1. Download “AlwaysUp” here … or from 3rd party web site ….
  2. Install it.
  3. Add a new service.
  4. Point to the path of “vcom.exe”.
  5. Ensure the status is “Automatic”.
  6. To view the GUI of VCOM, click on “Switch to Session 0”.
    then it will display the VCOM GUI:
  7. To return to Windows desktop from VCOM GUI, click “Return now”.



  1. After VCOM service is started by AlwaysUp, sometimes, this message by “Interactive Services Detection” will appear “A program running on this computer is trying to display a message”:
    click on “View Message” to switch to VCOM GUI:

  2. To return to Windows desktop from VCOM GUI, click “Return now”.



How Does MOBTEK Q24 STK MODEM HUB (model B-8-L-SG) Work?


MOBITEK® Q24 STK MODEM HUB, model B-8-L-SG, has 8 modems supporting 8 SIM cards. Each modem in the hub has an IP address with different port number:

  • modem 1 =>
  • modem 2 =>
  • modem 3 =>
  • modem 4 =>
  • modem 5 =>
  • modem 6 =>
  • modem 7 =>
  • modem 8 =>

On PC side, you will need to install a virtual com port driver that will map com port to the IP address, e.g.:-

  • COM Port no. 11 => modem 1 (
  • COM Port no. 12 => modem 2 (
  • COM Port no. 13 => modem 3 (
  • COM Port no. 14 => modem 4 (
  • COM Port no. 15 => modem 5 (
  • COM Port no. 16 => modem 6 (
  • COM Port no. 17 => modem 7 (
  • COM Port no. 18 => modem 8 (

Then your Reload System/Software communicates with the COM port number, e.g.:-

  • Reload1.exe => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 11
  • Reload2.exe => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 12
  • Reload3.exe => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 13
  • Reload4.exe => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 14

Or if you are using multi-threading, then

  • Reload.exe => thread no. 1 => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 11
  • Reload.exe => thread no. 2 => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 12
  • Reload.exe => thread no. 3 => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 13
  • Reload.exe => thread no. 4 => MobitekSTKAPI.dll => DisplayMainMenu() => COM Port no. 14
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