Mobile First Means SMS First





  1. There are more mobile phone accounts than humans alive.
  2. SMS text messaging is used by 75% of all mobile phone users on the planet by SAP latest numbers February 2015.
  3. SMS text messaging today in 2015 has more than twice the active user base than total installed base of all smartphones across all OS platforms, whether they use apps or not.
  4. If you are now pursuing a mobile strategy, and are thinking ‘mobile first’ of course you have to go SMS first.


iPhone 300 million download iPhone apps 4%
Tablets (any OS) 600 million 8%
Whatsapp 900 million 12%
Facebook on mobile 1200 million 17%
Skype 1200 million 17%
Android 1300 million 18%
Facebook (all tech) 1400 million 19%
PCs (all types) 1500 million 21%
eMail on mobile 2200 million 31%
Mobile internet 2200 million 31%
eMail on any tech 2500 million 35%
Internet on any tech 3000 million 42%
SMS 5400 million 75%



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Job Vacancy — IT Executive, Puchong, Basic Salary RM3,000

Updated on 2019-Mar-30


  • IT Executive


  1. Candidate must possess Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  2. Working experience is not required however it is an added advantage.
  3. Programming skills:, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, MSSQL, Networking

  4. Languages: English, Mandarin is optional but it is an added advantage to communicate with factory in China

Working Hours

  • 5 days per week

  • 8 hours per day, 9 am to 6 pm, lunch break is 1 hour

Basic Salary

  • RM 3,000 per month

Dress Code

  • smart casual

Job Scope

Software Development

  1. design and write sample codes in, PHP

  2. update and maintain MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit in, PHP

  3. update and maintain MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition in, PHP

  4. develop control panel for MOBITEK S80 3G Modem to connect to IoT

  5. develop mobile app for IoT (internet of Things)

  6. writing technical manual for software developers

  7. writing user’s manual for end user

Quality Control

  1. remote quality checking of product in China’s factory

  2. quality checking of software and hardware

Customer Support

  1. provide on-site installation and on-site support service for MobiGATE SMS Gateway

  2. provide trouble shooting and solution to customer via e-mail

  3. provide remote support via TeamViewer or AnyDesk

Technical Sales and Marketing

  1. to handle technical sales enquiries through e-mail and telephone, on MOBITEK’s product

  2. develop a strategy to market product service

  3. design product catalogue

  4. update and maintain corporate web sites, corporate blog

Interested candidate can send his resume to .

How to Solve “Unable to open database file” in PHPRunner

PROBLEM: PHPRunner v.10 unable to open project files created using PHPRunner v. 5 with this error message …



Edit the “.phpr” file created by PHPRunner v. 5, change  the database connection variables. No.
Use PHPRunner v. 5 to re-build PHP files and update the “.phpr” with correct database settings. No.
Use PHPRunner v. 6.2 to re-build PHP files and update the “.phpr” created by PHPRunner v. 5 in above.

PHP v. 6.2 is able to open “.phpr” file created by v. 5.

No. PHPRunner v. 10 us unable to open the “.phpr” file created by v. 6.2.
Use PHPRunner v. 10 to create a new project and connect to MySQL database server. Open the “.phpr” file to review the connection string. No because “.phpr” structure is different between PHPRunner v. 10 and v. 5
Use PHPRunner v. 8 to open “CRM.phpr”, re-build PHP files and update the “.phpr” created by PHPRunner v. 5 in above. Yes. PHPRunner v. 10 is able to open “.phpr” file created by v.8.


CONCLUSION: PHPRunner v. 10 cannot open project files created by PHPRunner v. 7 and earlier.

SOLUTION: use PHPRunner v. 8 to  re-build project file created by earlier version of PHPRunner, then use v. 10 to open project files created by PHPRunner v.8.


  1. PHP files generated by PHPRunner v. 5, 6, 7, 8 will have error message “mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead” when uploaded to as they are NOT using “mysqli”.

How to Search for the IP Address of MOBITEK S80 3G Modem

There are 2 methods:-

  1. USR-TCP


    Click on ” Search in LAN” and you will find your modem in the “Device list in the Net”.Once you click on the modem which is visible on that list, you can view the parameters (including the IP address) of MOBITEK S80 3G MODEM.
  2. Using USR-VCOM
    Once done with the USR-VCOM setup, click on “Search” and select T24. 

    The modem that been detected by the USR-VCOM will be shown as below with the IP address:

VCOM Cannot Be Used to Change IP Address of MobiGATE


  • VCOM Cannot Be Used to Change IP Address of MobiGATE. 
  • The “Configure” button in VCOM is NOT able to change the IP address.
Select the MobiGATE then click on the “Configure” in VCOM.
Enter the new IP address for the MobiGATE
new IP address and Submask Address been entered
When OK is clicked, no response except .ion
Did the IP address changed? No, IP address remains at
What happens if I fill all the fields provided? — NOTHING
After OK is pressed -NOTHING HAPPENS




How to Solve MobiGATE Fails to Initailize Despite Hyper Terminal Can Communicate with MobiGATE

Cause: MSComm.ocx did not install properly or the date of the file is incorrect. This occur when SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition has been reinstalled a few times on the same Windows machine.


  1. uninstall SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition
  2. if necessary, unregister MSCOMM.ocx and delete it
  3. then install SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition


  1. unregister the “MSComm.ocx” and delete it
  2. copy the new MSComm.ocx and manually register it

Set-up Guide for MOBITEK S80 on LAN

Objective: to set-up MOBITEK® S80 to operate on local area network (LAN) via LAN port.

Applies to:-

  • MOBITEK® S80 SMS Modem Type S-L
  • MOBITEK® S80 3G Modem Type E-L

MOBITEK® S80 for SMS Over 3G Network


How to Configure LAN Port of MOBITEK® S80

There are 2 tasks:-

  1. How to Assign/Change IP Address of MOBITEK® S80
    1. IP address has to be assigned to the modem
  2. How to Add A COM Port for MOBITEK® S80
    1. on PC/server, a new COM port has to be added and mapped to the IP address of the modem

How to Assign/Change IP Address of MOBITEK® S80

  1. Connect the LAN  (ethernet) cable to the modem and the other end to your router or switch.
  2. Connect power adapter to the modem, turn on the power.
  3. Run the Windows application “USR-TCP232-T24-V5.1.1.20.exe“.
  4. Click “Search in LAN”.
  5. It will look for the IP address of MOBITEK® S80, if found it will display the address. In this example it is
  6. Click the “Device list in the net” , make the following changes in the “Parameters” section:-
    1. set to “TCP Server”;
    2. change the IP address in “Module IP” according to your LAN;
  7. Finally, click “Set selected item via Net” to save changes.

How to Add A COM Port for MOBITEK® S80

  1. In Windows PC/Server, install “USR-VCOM” then run it.
  2. Click “Smart Vcom”
  3. If MOBITEK® S80 is found, it will be displayed. Check it then click “Next” to create COM port.
  4. A new COM port number will be created under “COM Name”, in this example it is 1.
  5. Also the COM port number can also be seen either in “Device Manager -> Ports” or in  “Device Manager -> Virtual Serial Ports (Eltima Software)”. COM port number will be displayed.

  6. “Net State” will show “Connected”.
  7. Your application will communicate with MOBITEK® S80 via the above COM port number.
  8. When your application is connected to MOBITEK® S80  then “COM State” will show “Open”.
  9. When your application is communicating with MOBITEK® S80 to send and read SMS, the values in “COM Received” and “Net Received” will be increasing.

How to Set-Up 3G Router F342x

Configuring F342x

  1. Right click on “Ethernet”
  2. Click on “Properties”
  3. Optional — check on “QoS Packet Scheduler” & “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  4. Select “TCP/IPv4” and click on the “Properties”
  5. “IP address” and “Default gateway” should NOT be the same.
    • Default Gateway = IP address of the router
    • here is an example of IP address ( and Default Gateway ( that were entered
  6.   Enter the IP address of the 3G Router on the web page, you will see this.
  7. Click on “Setup”, and enter this to enable access to the Configuration Page of F3424 —  user name “admin”, password  is “admin”.
  8. Click on “WAN”, to check 3G signal strength and connection status.

Configuring APN of the 3G Network (SIM card)

  1. Look for “APN” to check the connected network
  2. Select a preferred network from the table below and key-in into the APN on the F3424 configuration page.
    MAXIS 3G
    APN unet net diginet
    USERNAME maxis maxis guest guest
    PASSWORD net guest guest guest

How to Check for Internet Connection

There are 2 ways:-

  1. Check WAN status :
  2. Use web browser to check for internet connection


Merry Christmas 2018

Dear readers,

I wish to share a wonderful experience and a miracle.

I landed on Manila on 26 Nov, 10 p.m. I took Grab Car from airport to my hotel. After half an hour upon checking in, to my horror, I realized that my laptop bag was missing!

My bag had these valuable items:-
a) laptop with confidential files, intellectual properties, working e-mails, and passwords;
b) Public Bank security token;
c) HSBC security token;
d) house keys;

I started to panic but then calm down.

I had contacted the Grab car driver who dropped me at hotel to check if my laptop bag was left in his car. But he answered no.

I seek help from the hotel’s security to check the CCTV recording, it didn’t show me carrying laptop bag while checking in.

So the only place that I might have left my laptop bag was at the airport. So at 12:25 am in the morning, I took Grab taxi back to the airport and searched at these places:-
a) Grab booth;
b) Globe (TELCO) booth;
c) toilet of the baggage collection area
unfortunately, my laptop bag was not there.

Before going to airport I had prepared myself for the worst case scenario. I didn’t have any high expectations because Philippines is a poor country.

Finally, I asked for the direction to the lost and found office. And to my surprise, my laptop bag was there.

I had left it at the Grab counter, outside of arrival hall. Usually in this public area without any CCTV and security guard, my bag would have definitely gone. Not only I found my bag, all items in my bag were intact.

You can say that I had good fortune but I believe that it was a miracle.

Have you lost something? I wish that in this Christmas and in the coming new year, you will experience a miracle — something valuable that you have lost is found.

Merry Christmas!
Kong Leng

MOBITEK S80 SMS Modem — Send SMS via SQL Statement

Problem: Many 3G modems allow you to send SMS via graphical user interface but not able to integrate with your software or system.


Solution: MOBITEK® S80 SMS Modem

MOBITEK® S80 allows you to integrate with your software or system send SMS via SQL statement.

  1. To send out SMS
    Insert into Outbox (Message, Mobile, DateTimeQueue, Status) 
    values (‘Hello!’, ‘0163311600’, mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm am, ‘P’)
  2. To read all new SMS
    Select * from Inbox where Status = ‘New’


How It Works?

  • Your application will connect to a MS Access database file.
  • SMS Engine — Basic Edition (Windows software) connects to both MOBITEK® S80 and with the database file.
  • Whenever there is a new record in the [outbox] table, SMS Engine — Basic Edition will pick-up and instruct MOBITEK® S80 to send out as SMS.
  • Whenever there is a new incoming SMS recevied by MOBITEK® S80, SMS Engine — Basic Edition will automatically insert into [inbox] table


More Advantages of SMS Engine — Basic Edition 

  1. Rapid Development: no need to waste time in developing a programme to handle incoming and outgoing SMS.
  2. SIM Unlock: enter the PIN, and the SMS Engine will unlock the SIM card.
  3. Polling: set the frequency of database polling – this will control the speed of the sending and receiving SMS.
  4. Delivery Status Report: a report will accompany with each outgoing SMS to report whether the SMS is delivered or not.
  5. Routing: able to configure multiple mobile number prefixes (by comma separated).
  6. Direction: to speed-up the broadcast, SMS Engine can be configured to send SMS only.
  7. Query Balance: if prepaid is used, the credit balance can be queried.
  8. Reload: if prepaid is used, a top-up can be performed.
  9. For more information, refer to


New version 6 is available for existing customer to download. Please reply to this e-mail to receive the download link.