How to Verify that MOBITEK is Dell’s Authorised Reseller in Malaysia

  1. Contact Dell Malaysia ( to verify.
  2. Only registered partner / authorised reseller can display the Dell logo Dell PartnerDirect
    • refer to our Dell web page having the above mentioned logo displayed
  3. MOBITEK received a Christmas Greeting from Dell, and addressed us as “Certified Partner“.
  4. Dell will display a warning message on their web site if MOBITEK is not the authorised reseller, e.g.
    • is not a Dell Authorized ResellerDell offers and promotions etc. are not applicable for products sold by unauthorized resellers.Representations, benefits and other entitles offered by unauthorized resellers will not be honored by Dell.

      It is important to note that purchases from an unauthorized reseller may exclude you from Dell warranty, service and support. Dell shall not be liable in any manner with respect to requests being declined.

      Exclusive offers, entitlements and other benefits for Dell products are available on purchases made on Dell Authorized Reseller.

      Warning from Dell

      Warning from Dell


  5. Dell will instruct Google to demote raking or to remove web site from search result using the keyword “Dell reseller Malaysia” if the web site violates Dell trademark or Dell logo policy.  As at 23/June/2014, MOBITEK is ranked no. 3, refer screen shot below:- Google SERP 'Dell Reseller Malaysia'

For more information about Dell, please visit our Dell web site.