How to Change the IP Address of MobiGATE Using “update.exe”

  1. Run the program “upgrade.exe”. Download from here …
  2. Click “search all device” to find IP address of MobiGATE.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-01
  3. Optional: click “connect to device” if want to connect to MobiGATE.
  4. If found, it will show a list of MobiGATE with IP address.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-02
  5. Select MobiGATE (
  6. Click “Temporary change IP address”.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-03
  7. Insert temporary IP address ( and click OK.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-04
  8. The new temporary IP address will be updated on the list.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-05
  9. Now access the web menu of MobiGATE via web browser using the temporary IP address (
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-06

    • Note: the MobiGATE’s IP address is still remain at the old address of
    • using “update.exe” to set a temporary IP address is temporary only, it will revert back to its old IP address after you power off the MobiGATE
    • you need to continue, using the web menu “serial port server” to permanently change the IP address according to our guide

VCOM Showing “Connected” Then “Disconnected”

Issue: VCOM shows “Connected” then “Disconnected”.

Applies To:

  • MobiGATE Model SG-B-8-L-W
  • SMS Engine version 5 and 6


  • if any modem does not have a SIM card inserted and engine is started, the engine  will try to initalise the modem, VCOM shows “Connected”
  • when the initialisation fails, VCOM shows “Disconnected”
  • refer video clip below, Modem ID 2 (COM port no. 17) has a SIM card inserted with blue LED blinking, but others do not have any SIM cards, only Modem ID 2 stays “Connected”, others will show “Connected” then “Disconnected”



USB Driver of MOBITEK S80 Supports Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

We have conducted a test in 4 different OS which is:-

  • Windows Server 2008 32-bit;
  • Windows Server 2012 64-bit;
  • Windows Server 2016 64-bit; and
  • Windows 10 64-bit.

Then we left MOBITEK S80 running for 4 hours in each OS, and the COM Port DID NOT disappear.

MOBITEK S80 was not connected to power cable, it is using power from the USB cable.

The USB driver version is 11.5.


 Windows 2008 32-bit No  

 Windows 2012 64-bit No  

 Windows 2016 64-bit No  

 Windows 10 64-bit No  

Therefore the USB driver, version 11.5, for MOBITEK S80 works in these 4 OS:-

    • Windows Server 2008 32-bit;
    • Windows Server 2012 64-bit;
    • Windows Server 2016 64-bit and
    • Windows 10 64-bit.

MOBITEK STK API version 5.0 End of Support Notice

MOBITEK® STK API version 5 is no longer supported effective on 26th of October, 2017. Please upgrade to version 6.

More Information

Benefits of ASEAN Economic Integration

by Ng Kong Leng


I am a seasonal entrepreneur who have been travelling among the ASEAN countries for market development, trade missions organised by MATRADE and business meetings since 2011.

The countries that I have been are Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

When I heard that ASEAN members will integrate their economies as ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMINUTY (AEC), this is to me, a good news.

The primary objective of this essay is to share my personal experience in doing business in ASEAN, the problems that I have encountered and the benefits I hope to derive from the integration of ASEAN economy.

The secondary objective is to explore the benefits of AEC for SME in a tangible manner.

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Support Notices as at Month of Sep 2017

SMS360 – E-mail Edition SMS360 — E-Mail Edition Cannot Connect with POP3 Server of GMail
MOBITEK MobiGATE Comparison Between MOBITEK MobiGATE and Modem Pool
MOBITEK SMS360 and MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit MOBITEK SMS360 is Now Part of MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit
MOBITEK S80 MOBITEK S80 is 99% Compatible with Sierra Wireless FX100
MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit How to Send and Read SMS using
All products of MOBITEK List of Manuals & Guides Revised as at 2017-07-25
MOBITEK MobiGATE Release Note of Control Panel for MobiGATE SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition
MOBITEK MobiGATE User’s Guide for Control Panal for MobiGATE’s SMS Engine is Published
MOBITEK MobiGATE How to Insert SIM Card into MOBITKEK MobiGATE
MOBITEK F3427 Fail-Over to 3G Network When Landline Fails
SMS360 – Basic Edition How to Import Numbers from Excel Into SMS360




Comparison Between MOBITEK MobiGATE and Modem Pool

FEATURES SMS Gateway using MOBITEK MobiGATE SMS Gateway using 4/8/16 Port Modem Pool
Concurrent Sending of SMS Yes No
1 SIM card to 1 GSM Module Yes No, shared, even though there are 16 SIM cards, but there are only 4 modules
Load Balancing
all modems sharing the load
Yes No, using round-robin rule
Fail Over
if modem fails to send out SMS, the message will be routed to 2nd modem
Yes No
Genuine Sierra Wireless Module Yes No
Support 64 bit Yes No
Rack Mountable Yes, it is 1U No



More Information

MOBITEK SMS360 is Now Part of MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit

We are pleased to announced that MOBITEK SMS360 (Basic and E-mail Editions) are now bundled with MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit.

MOBITEK SMS360 — Basic Edition is used for SMS broadcasting.

MOBITEK SMS360 — E-mail Edition is used for sending SMS via e-mail client or to integrate with any system via POP3 interface.

Existing customers whose warranty period still valid could request MOBITEK SMS360 at no extra charge.