Looking for STK API Sample Codes or STK Engine to Run Reload Transaction?

Looking for MOBITEK® STK API  Sample Codes?

We have uploaded sample codes in VB.net and Java for MOBITEK® STK API version 6.5. You may download from here …

Don’t Want to Write Code? Then Use Engine

You can reduce development time by using  MOBITEK® STK Engine version 4.5. Refer to user’s guide here …

MOBITEK® STK API version 5.0 End-Of-Life

We no longer support version 5, for more information, please read this …


MobiGATE: Monitor Your SMS Gateway (Modems) on Your Desktop

MOBITEK MobiGATE is a SMS Gateway (also refer as a modem pool or SMS channel) used for SMS broadcast. It supports 8 modems (SIM cards) and more.

Problem arises when there are too many modems to monitor and no centralised tool to assist.

The solution is a tool called “Control Panel”.

“Green” when modem is running; “Orange” when modem is disabled

"Red" when modem is stopped or disconnected

We are pleased to announce version 2.5 of Control Panel.


Features of Control Panel version 2.5

  • GUI tool to edit the “config.xml”  (configuration file for MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition). Previously, notepad is being used to edit the configuration file;
  • supports SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 6 and 7 (version 5 is NOT supported);
  • to start and stop the service of SMS Engine;
  • to monitor up to 16 modems or more;
  • to view log file without the need of opening notepad


More Information



Existing customer may write to customer support team for a copy of the installer.


Both AirCard Watcher and SMS360-Email Can Run at The Same Time

Both AirCard Watcher and MOBITEK SMS360-Email were started from 2018-7-17, 3:51 pm until 2018-7-18, 3:51 pm

During this time, AirCard Watcher is connected to 3G network with mobile data enabled.

Result: MOBITEK SMS360 E-MAIL is working, able to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS. Both AirCard Watcher and MOBITEK SMS360-Email were able to run at the same time.



MOBITEK SMS360 E-MAIL is working, able to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS.                     SMS is received:-

How to Solve “The user name or password is incorrect” Error in Windows 8

Problem: when assessing Windows XP PC from Windows 8 PC, Windows 8 PC always receive an error message “The username or password is incorrect” even though the user name and password is correct and previously Windows 8 PC can access or connect to the Windows XP PC.

Solution: the date and time of Windows XP PC is incorrect, change them to the current date and time.

Managing Your Innovation Portfolio

Innovation Ambition Matrix

  • 3 levels
  • investment ratio: 70%, 20%, 10%

    • core, 70%: optimizing existing products for existing customers
    • adjacent, 20%: expanding from existing business into ‘new to the company’ business
    • transformational, 10%: developing breakthroughs and inventing things for markets that don’t yet exist


Source: HBR, May 2012, p.g. 69; https://hbr.org/2012/05/managing-your-innovation-portfolio

Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work

  1. Self-Awareness – ability to recognise and understand your moods, emotions, drives as well as their effects on others
  2. Self-Regulation – ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods; the propensity to think before acting
  3. Motivation – passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status; a propensity to pursue goal with energy and persistence
  4. Empathy – ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people; skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions
  5. Social Skill – proficiency in managing relationships and building networks; ability to find common ground and build rapport


Source: Daniel Goleman, What Makes a Leader, Leadership Insights pg. 37