MOBITEK S80 Sends SMS Over 3G Network

  1. The AT command result of MOBITEK S80 GSM/SMSModem shows:-
  2. Take note that AcT = 2MOBITEKS80-3G-02

    UTRAN (short for “Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network”) is a collective term for the network and equipment that connects mobile handsets to the public telephone network or the Internet. It contains the base stations, which are called Node B’s and Radio Network Controllers (RNCs)[1] which make up the UMTS radio access network.[2] This communications network, commonly referred to as 3G (for 3rd Generation Wireless Mobile Communication Technology), —

    Since it is “2”, this mean MOBITEK S80 is connected to 3G network and SMS is sent via 3G network.

  3. Will MOBITEK S80 be restricted to sending SMS via 2G only ?
  4. No, MOBITEK S80 can send SMS via 2G or 3G network. MOBITEKS80-3G-03


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MOBITEK S80 is the Solution to Singapore Shutting Down 2G Network

Singapore government has confirmed that they will shut down 2G or GSM network:-

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has approved the request of the mobile network operators (MNOs) – M1, Singtel Mobile and StarHub Mobile – to close their 2G networks with effect from 1 April 2017.

Therefore, for Singapore, there is no choice and all equipments must move to 3G.

If you are currently using GSM/SMS modem that only supports 2G network (e.g. Wavecom M1306B, Wavecom Supreme 10, Sierra Wireless FXT009) we recommend MOBITEK® S80. Sample Code for MOBITEK SMS API version 9.2 Revised

Visual Basic .Net sample code has been revised to include the following example:-

  • GetIMSI
  • Voice class

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Quick Installation Guide for Multiple SMS Engines

Applies to : MOBITEK SMS Engine — Basic Edition version 5.x

For multiple SMS Engines,

  1. Backup your old/current Access database
  2. Uninstall old engine
  3. In the MOBITEK thumb drive, look for the installer “Setup SMS Engine – Basic Edition with 4 engines.exe”
  4. Run the installer, it will install 4 engines but you will only use 2
  5. If you need your old records, then copy and overwrite the Access database; otherwise skip this step
  6. Goto “start”, look for …multiple-sms-engines-01
  7. Configure “SMS Engine 1” for use with modem no. 1
  8. Configure “SMS Engine 2” for use with modem no. 2
  9. If require, you may need to grant permission “full control” to the Access database


New Version of Command Line SMS and MOBITEK S80

Command Line SMS

Version 6 has been released.

For more information, please refer to the manual at


We are pleased to announce our new modem MOBITEK S80 which will replace MOBITEK Q24.

MOBITEK S80 is backward compatible with MOBITEK Q24.

Fore more information, please visit


Introducing MOBITEK S80

We are pleased to announce our new modem MOBITEK S80 which replaces these GSM modems MOBITEK Q24, Wavecom M1306BSierra Wireless FXT009 and Sierra Wireless FX100.

MOBITEK S80 is a 3G Modem for IoT and SMS. It sends SMS over 3G network. It is working in Singapore and Australia where these 2 countries had shut down the GSM (2G) network.


Key Features

  • 3G
  • dual connectivity: USB and serial port
  • support MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit
  • backward compatible with your existing SMS application built with MOBITEK Q24 and MOBITEK SMS API or Engine


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