MOBITEK is Exhibiting in SOFTCON 2014

MOBITEK is exhibiting in SOFTCON 2014, Dec 3

MOBITEK is exhibiting in SOFTCON 2014, Dec 3

MOBITEK is exhibiting in SOFTCON, on December 3, 2014, at InterContinental Hotel Manila, Philippines.

Starting, Growing, Managing & Selling Software Businesses in the Philippines Breakout sessions on best practices in People, Project, and Process management in the Philippines software industry.

Expert Speakers on Women in Software, Mobile Apps, AGILE, and Lean Innovation and many more! SOFTCON is the only software conference aimed at industry leaders in the Philippines.

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The Difference Between Buying from and from

We have an on-line store at is meant for:-

  1. self-service, furthermore:-
    1. no quotation is required from our Sales Team of;
    2. no technical question to ask our Sales Team of; and
    3. no consultation is required from our Sales Team of
  2. customers who had knowledge of what they want and does not need to be serviced by our Sales Team of

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Test Result of Whether Our MOBITEK Q24 GSM MODEM is Compatible with SMSLib

MOBITEK Q24 GSM Modem is compatible with SMSLib


Tested enviroment:
– Window XP 32bit
– Java Eclispe Version: 3.4.0


– Finding com port using “” -> ( successful )
– Receiving SMS using “” -> ( successful )
– Sending SMS using “” ->( successful )


Below are log files for the java files.

MOBITEK Q24 SMS MODEM in Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)





Here is an introduction on EMS by our partner Mr. Ooi Chee Thim, Director of Sales, INFOCONNECT:

Nowadays, modern data centers consist rows and rows of server & network racks. Within the racks, there are high powered servers which generate lots of heat. The number one problem in a data center is HEAT nowadays. Thus, monitoring and managing the temperature inside the rack to the manufacturer’s recommended operating environment is a big challenge. Every electronic equipment will operate best as long as the temperature does not exceed manufacturer’s specified operating environment. We all know that. However, the current method of doing show is cumbersome & messy. It has lots of constraints. The whole problem points to the basis that it is a ‘wired’ solution. Wired technology is becoming a ‘sunset’ technology. The data center can do with less or no wires. The current data center is already congested with wires running below the raised floors, along cable trays and/or conduits. It is very messy. It is difficult to manage. It has no investment protection. Thus, it is a big problem for wired technology.

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Comparison Between MOBITEK Q24 MODEM and M1306B

Feature MOBITEK Q24 M1306
Country of Origin Malaysia China
Wavecom Module in Modem Genuine Fake
Price Matches with Quality & Reliability  Damn cheap! As low as USD10 per unit!
IMEI Unique Either none or duplicated
Components in Modem New Reconditioned
Warranty 12 months 1 month or none at all
Intellectual Property Rights  royalties paid to GSMA  Does not respect IPR

How to identify a fake GSM Modem – Wavecom Fastrack M1306B

  1. mostly made in China
  2. uses non-genuine Wavecom module
  3. using re-conditioned component
  4. original M1306B does not have USB version
  5. no IMEI or IMEI is duplicated
  6. warranty is 1 to 3 months (and also depends on whether the vendor is still around for you to claim warranty)
  7. the module used is stated as “based on Wavecom”
  8. selling at USD100 or less

Here is a picture of fake Wavecom Fastrack M1306B GSM Modem:

Fake Wavecom Fastrack M1306B

Fake Wavecom Fastrack M1306B

It is fake because:-

  1. original version does not have USB; and
  2. IMEI (15 digit serial number) printed at back of modem and on box are different.

Here is a picture of the original one:-

 Original Wavecom Fastrack M1306B

Original Wavecom Fastrack M1306B

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