How to Trigger SMS Alert When Server is Rebooted (CLISMS)

SMS Alert can be triggered after the server is booted with the help of script. Script contain a list of instruction for a computer. By taking advantages of this we create a script which will send SMS to designed number. This Script contain a command on sending specific message to receiver via CLISMS application and it is set to run right after the server is successfully booted.

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How to Decode Alpha Fields in the STK Menu


Product:  MOBITEK® Q24 STK MODEM (1 SIM card) Expiry Date of Warranty and Support I14-2036-ONEMART
12 Month from 21,March 2014
Which STK API version are you using?
  • version 6
What is the Operating System?
  • Windows 7
  • 32 bit
Which programming language are you using?
SIM Card Used:
  • Name of Operator: ORANGE
  • Memory: 128k
  • 3G activated: Yes
Description of Problem: Case 1 : Network Operator is ORANGE. In this case the Main menu and Sub menu are not display correctly but in my cell phone it’s correct. See the attach screen capture

Orange STK MENU-01

Orange STK MENU in mobile phone (left) compare with STK (right)


Orange STK MENU-02

Orange STK MENU as shown in mobile phone (left) and in (right)


Suggested Solution no. 1  We suggest a work around:-

  • noted down all the values of the menu item that matches the menu in your mobile phone screen, refer table below
  • when you call functions of MOBITEK STK API, you only need to pass the value of the menu item and not the text of menu item as the argument/parameter
Recharger 128
Retour 129
Rapports 130
Option 131
Dernier trans 1 Correct -> SubMenuSelect(1)
Wrong ->  SubMenuSelect(Dernier trans)
Solde 2 SubMenuSelect(2)
Rapport jour. 3 SubMenuSelect(3)
Suggested Solution no. 2 In countries where English is not the primary language, the STK Menu may display alphanumeric string instead of English text. We provide VB.Net sample code to decode the alphanumeric string.The VB.Net Sample Code decodes the alphanumeric string into UCS2 and then decode the UCS2 to display the unicode characters. The sample code is in the MOBITEK Air-Time Reload Development Kit CD.

Example, the alphanumeric string displayed by Orange STK Menu is “810E00C4E5F2EEE9E5F220F4F2E1EEF3AE “, the VB.Net sample code will decode it and convert to “Dernier trans.”. Refer image below.

Decoding Orange STK MENU-01

Decoding Orange STK MENU-01


Using MOBITEK STK API version 6.2 with Java

Installation Guide

  1. We’ll be assuming you have already install the MOBITEK® SIM Tool Kit Application Programming Interface (STK API) version 6.2 and the MOBITEK® Q24 STK MODEM is connected to a PC
  2. Install Eclipse IDE (you may use other IDE) and JRE
  3. Install JACOB –  Unzip the file “”
    –  Copy these 2 files to “system32” folder:
    a) jacob-1.14.3-x64.dll
    b) jacob-1.14.3-x86.dll

Using the STK API in JAVA

  1. Create new java project in Eclipse
  2. Include Jacob.jar in Library
  3. Create a new class and copy and paste the sample code provided
  4. Made modification where necessary (ie Port Number, Script for the STK )
    – Port number may be change in line
vMOBITEK = Modem.invoke("Init", 1);

– Script of STK may be found in  Start() Function

private static void Start() { 
// In case you are not using maxis just try to call the main menu first
// Comment the other

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