The Difference Between Buying from and from

We have an on-line store at is meant for:-

  1. self-service, furthermore:-
    1. no quotation is required from our Sales Team of;
    2. no technical question to ask our Sales Team of; and
    3. no consultation is required from our Sales Team of
  2. customers who had knowledge of what they want and does not need to be serviced by our Sales Team of

When you buy from our (on-line store), note that :-

  1. only 1 payment method is accepted — via PayPal (credit card) and in USD only;
  2. there will be 6% surcharge on total amount for payment via PayPal;
  3. delivery charges will be added;
  4. price is lower than than asking for a quotation or price list from our Sales Team of
  5. all after sales service and support is also self-service, customers will need to refer to the following resources:-
    1. MOBITEK Blog on support
    2. FAQ on