How to Trigger SMS Alert When Server is Rebooted (CLISMS)

SMS Alert can be triggered after the server is booted with the help of script. Script contain a list of instruction for a computer. By taking advantages of this we create a script which will send SMS to designed number. This Script contain a command on sending specific message to receiver via CLISMS application and it is set to run right after the server is successfully booted.


1. Install “CLISMS.exe” located inside SMS Gateway Development Kit CD, manual for installing can be read inside the CD

2. Create a new notepad files copy and paste these code inside the notepad.


clisms.exe /port=1 /to=0123456789 /msg=server is booted.
echo “send”

* rename port number to the port number used by the GSM Modem
* rename the number to your own number

3. Save it inside the same folder of CLISMS ( default is C:\Program Files\MOBITE\CLISMS)


* make sure the file name has “.bat” at the end ( exp: “SMS_Alert.bat” )
* make sure the file is save as type “All Files”
* Leave the encoding to ANSI

4. Copy the files and paste it as shortcut to startup folder.

* Window XP: “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”


5. You’re done! Now every times the computer booted it will run the SMSAlert.bat which will send SMS Alert to your number.

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