Internship in Puchong Area (IT)

Updated on 2019-Mar-07



Internship in Puchong is available now.

During the internship period, you will be exposed to these areas:

Software Development

  1. design and write sample codes in, C#, PHP, Java

  2. update and maintain MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit in, PHP

  3. update and maintain MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition in, PHP

  4. develop control panel for MOBITEK S80 3G Modem to connect to IoT

  5. develop mobile app for IoT (internet of Things)

  6. writing technical manual for software developers

  7. writing user’s manual for end user


Quality Control

  1. remote quality checking of product in China’s factory

  2. quality checking of software and hardware


Customer Support

  1. provide on-site installation and on-site support service for MobiGATE SMS Gateway

  2. provide trouble shooting and solution to customer via e-mail

  3. provide remote support via TeamViewer or AnyDesk


Technical Sales and Marketing

  1. to handle technical sales enquiries through e-mail and telephone, on MOBITEK’s product

  2. develop a strategy to market product service

  3. design product catalogue

  4. update and maintain corporate web sites, corporate blog



  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

  2. Required skill(s):, Java, WordPress, MySQL, MSSQL, Networking

  3. Preferred skill(s): VB.Net, PHP, MySQL

  4. Required language(s): English

  5. Applicants must be willing to work in IOI Business Park, Puchong


Working Hours

  • 5 days per week

  • 8 hours per day, 9 am to 6 pm, lunch break is 1 hour


Training Allowance

  • RM 350 per month


Transport Allowance

  • RM 10 per attendance, full day



  • accommodation will be provided upon request and subject to availability


Dress Code

  • smart casual


Interested candidate can send his resume to .

How to Solve Unable to Log Into Windows XP PC Despite The User Name and Password Are Correct

Problem: On local area network (LAN), other PC (Windows Vista, 7 and 8) are not able to log into Windows XP PC with the correct user name and password.

Solution: the date and time of Windows XP PC are incorrect, re-set them.


Basic Allowance


Basic Allowance 1,000.00
Transport Allowance per day (payable only if you come to office for 1 full day) 25.00
Commission Type S per unit sold and supported 50.00
Commission Type E per unit sold and supported 10.00
Commission for MobiGATE per unit sold and supported 100.00

So for example, let’s take month of June-2018, your total allowance will be 1,910:-

Month of June
Basic Allowance 1,000.00 1,000.00
Transport Allowance per day x 20 days (if you come to work for 20 days) 25.00 500.00
Commission Type S per unit sold and supported x 7 units 50.00 350.00
Commission Type E per unit sold and supported x 6 units 10.00 60.00
Commission for MobiGATE per unit sold and supported 100.00 0.00
TOTAL 1,910.00

Please take note that:-

  1. You can take leave to look for job interview with other companies, please give 3 to 7 days advance notice;
  2. There will be no paid leave whether or not there is M/C;
  3. Transport Allowance is payable only when you come to work for full day; it will not cover Public Holiday, leave and any non-working days.


How to Solve “Cannot open database (MS SQL Server) requested by login. The login failed”

Applies to:

  • MOBITEK SMS Engine version 5, 6, 7
  • SQL Server Express
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

Error Message: [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open database “smseee6” requested by the login. The login failed.


  1. Add “db_owner” to the user;
  2. If problem remains unsolved, then enable “TCP/IP” in SQL Server Configuration Manager.

How to Add “db_owner”

  1. select the user -> Properties
  2. goto “User Mapping”, select the database (smseee6) then check “db_owner”


How to Enable “TCP/IP”

  1. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager. It should be in the Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server -> Configuration Tools, select “Protocols for SQLEXPRESS” and enabled “TCP/IP”.
  2. In “TCP/IP -> Properties”.
  3. In “TCP port”, ensure it is the correct port number 1433.
  4. Restart the servce.


MobiGATE: Monitor Your SMS Gateway (Modems) on Your Desktop

MOBITEK MobiGATE is a SMS Gateway (also refer as a modem pool or SMS channel) used for SMS broadcast. It supports 8 modems (SIM cards) and more.

Problem arises when there are too many modems to monitor and no centralised tool to assist.

The solution is a tool called “Control Panel”.

“Green” when modem is running; “Orange” when modem is disabled

"Red" when modem is stopped or disconnected

We are pleased to announce version 2.5 of Control Panel.


Features of Control Panel version 2.5

  • GUI tool to edit the “config.xml”  (configuration file for MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition). Previously, notepad is being used to edit the configuration file;
  • supports SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 6 and 7 (version 5 is NOT supported);
  • to start and stop the service of SMS Engine;
  • to monitor up to 16 modems or more;
  • to view log file without the need of opening notepad


More Information



Existing customer may write to customer support team for a copy of the installer.


How to Solve “The user name or password is incorrect” Error in Windows 8

Problem: when assessing Windows XP PC from Windows 8 PC, Windows 8 PC always receive an error message “The username or password is incorrect” even though the user name and password is correct and previously Windows 8 PC can access or connect to the Windows XP PC.

Solution: the date and time of Windows XP PC is incorrect, change them to the current date and time.

Managing Your Innovation Portfolio

Innovation Ambition Matrix

  • 3 levels
  • investment ratio: 70%, 20%, 10%

    • core, 70%: optimizing existing products for existing customers
    • adjacent, 20%: expanding from existing business into ‘new to the company’ business
    • transformational, 10%: developing breakthroughs and inventing things for markets that don’t yet exist


Source: HBR, May 2012, p.g. 69;