How To Solve Modem Cannot be Connected or Unresponsive in CuteCom Linux

Applies To: MOBITEK S80 Modem, MOBITEK Q24 Modem, Linux OS


Caused By: permission or privilege to use serial port or USB port is NOT assigned to current user.


Solution: grant permission to current user by adding  “tty”, “dialout” into “Groups” of the current user.

  1. Optional — install “Cutecom” from Software Manager.

    Linux_USB-01Click on “install”
  2.  Go to “User and Groups”.
  3.  Click on the current user and then click on “Groups”.
  4.  Assign the following “Groups” or permissions to the user:-
    • dialout
    • root
    • sudo
    • tty
  5. Alternatively, command line can be used to add permission to the user:-
  6.  Restart Linux.