Theme of MOBITEK Blog Has Been Changed from “Twenty Eleven” to “Twenty Tweleve” and How to Add a Search Box

Original “Twenty Tweleve” theme does not have a search box at top right corner (same row with header).

Here are the steps taken to add a search box:

  1. add a folder for child theme in same directory of parent theme, e.g. “/wp-content/themes”
  2. name the folder as “twentytwelve-child-theme”
  3. refer to on how to create a child theme
    • all modifications are done on child theme rather on parent theme
    • child theme copies/inherits all properties from parent theme
    • copy “header.php” from parent theme, “twentytwelve” to child theme folder, “twentytwelve-child-theme”
    • modify the “header.php” in “twentytwelve-child-theme”
    • modify the “style.css” inĀ “twentytwelve-child-theme”
  4. in the “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes”, choose the newly created child theme:
    • finally, a search box has been added: