How Do You Locate a SIM Card in MOBITEK Q24 STK Modem Hub?

Multiple SIM Cards

Multiple SIM Cards

When you have a lot of SIM cards in different units of MOBITEK®  Q24 STK Modem Hub

MOBITEK Q24 STK Modem Hub_STKMH-US401-C_Front_2560 x 1920MOBITEK® Q24 STK Modem Hub

you will need to locate a particular SIM card after you have swap A card into different SIM slot MOBITEK®  Q24 STK Modem Hub.

MOBITEK®  Q24 STK API has a function that is able to locate the SIM card. By using Modem.GetIMSI()

What is IMSI?

International Mobile Subscriber Identity, it is a unique 15 digits of the SIM card. If you change SIM card to another slot, you can query the IMSI to find out where is the SIM card located. Refer to

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