MOBITEK MobiGATE as a Back-Up SMS Gateway

Do you face these problems?

Your SMSC is down and messages cannot be send?


Would you like us to solve your problem?

For a bulk SMS provider and SMS aggregator company who cannot afford downtime of SMSC, you can rely on MOBITEK® MobiGATE  which is a physical and private SMS Gateway, to play a critical role as a back-up gateway.


Why you should consider us?


MOBITEK® MobiGATE  has been used by the following bulk SMS providers:-

  1. ICE mobile Sdn. Bhd.
  2. (please write in to request for list of bulk SMS providers)


Yes, I am interested and I like to …



How to Insert SIM Card into MOBITKEK MobiGATE

Applies To These Models

  • SG-B-8-L-W
  • SG-B-8-U
  • SG-B-8-L

How to Insert SIM Card-01How to Insert SIM Card-02

Before you insert the SIM card, you must check the position of SIM Card. When insert the SIM Card:-

  1. the “gold area” of the SIM Card should be facing downward;
  2. turn on the switch button, if you can see the blue LED Blinking, this means MobiGATE is connected to the 2G/3G network

MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway



MOBITEK® MobiGATE model: SG-B-8-L / SG-B-8-L-W-E 

Both of this model have LAN connectivity and are IP based SMS gateway.

MOBITEK® MobiGATE has an IP address, e.g.

Each modem/SIM card has an IP address:port, e.g.

  • modem/SIM card no. 1 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 2 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 3 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 4 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 5 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 6 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 7 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 8<=>


System Architecture no. 1

Multiple units of MobiGATES located in various countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia) are centrally controlled by 1 server in Singapore.

MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway-01


System Architecture no. 2

1 unit of MobiGATE can be shared by multiple servers in local area network.

MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway-02


More Information

Control Panel for MobiGATE SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 1.6.2 is Released

Version 1.6.2: fixed “unhandled exception” bug when monitoring status of modem.

More Information

MobiGATE SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 6.2.1 is Released

New: minor improvement; log file correctly state the version number.

Version 6.1: has fixed a bug — in the inbox table, both “scts” and “dateime_recv” have the same time stamp; by right “scts” should take the value from properties “scts” which is the time stamp of network operator.

Version 6.0: supports concatenation of multiple part of SMS when sending out, i.e. it can send SMS with more than 160 characters.

MOBITEK SMS Engine is able to work in Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012, 32 bit and 6

MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition is a Windows Service that sends and receives SMS. System integrator and software developer do not need to write any code to build a SMS Gateway. The MOBITEK SMS Engine uses SQL Server database (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) to store incoming SMS, and to check if there is any pending SMS to be send out.

Your application or system just need to insert records into “outbox” table to send out SMS, and retrieve record from “inbox” table to read SMS.

MOBITEK SMS Engine has taken care all SMS transactions.

For Oracle support, separate license is required.

More Information

Memperkenalkan SMS Gateway Yang Pintar

MOBITEK® memperkenalkan kepada pengembang perangkat lunak di Indonesia SMS Gateway yang pintar dan mudah diintegrasi dengan apa-apa sistem dan aplikasi — MobiGATE serta SMS Engine Enterprise Edition

Untuk keterangan selanjutnya, sila mengunjungi laman-laman berikut:-

Manual for MOBITEK SMS Engine Enterprise Edition version 6, Edition no. 3 is Released


3rd of December, 2016

  • Removed “SMS Monitor”

  • Revised “ 5. New: support Oracle 11g (not in standard package, separate license is required)”

  • Added “ 3. New: manual routing”