How to Use QCOM

How to Create and Save Script (AT command script)

  1. Connect GSM modem to PC. Open Device Manager -> Ports to check the port number of the modem.
  2. Open QCOM.
  3. In ‘COM Port Setting’ choose com port number according to the device manager. Choose baudrate “115200”.
  4. In ‘Operation’ select “DTR”, “RTS”, “View File” and “Send With Enter”.
  5. In ‘Command List’, input the AT Command List. Check “Choose all command”. Check “Enter” for all the command except for “1A” which represents “CTRL Z”. Check “Hex” for “1A”. Insert the delay time and run times.
  6. Click button “Save  As Script” to save the script  file as “AT Command Script”.

How to Load and Run the Script

  1. Click ‘Open port’ to connect with the modem.QCOM-08
  2. Modem is connected. Click “Load Test Script”.
  3. Choose “AT Command Script.ini“.
  4. The “Command List” will be filled.
  5. Click Run to run the AT Command and output will be displayed on the left side.

 How to Save Log (output of the AT command)

  1. Before running the AT Command. Click Save Log to save the log.
  2. Save the log file as “Output of AT Command”.
  3. Check the checkbox beside the “Save Log” button.
  4. Then run the AT command. After completion, uncheck the checkbox. Note: the log file will not be saved if the checkbox is unchecked.
  5. The log file is updated with the log of AT Command.QCOM-17

List of Manuals & Guides Revised as at 2017-07-25

Here is a list of manuals or guides that were revised or recently published:-

  1. User’s Guide for Control Panel of SMS Engine Enterprise Edition
  2. MOBITEK SMS API version 9 — Manual for Software Developer
  3. How to Use MOBITEK SMS API version 7 in Visual Basic .Net
  4. How to Send and Read SMS By Using Command Line
  5. How to Send and Read SMS Using PHP with MOBITEK SMS Engine Basic Edition
  6. How to Send and Read SMS in Java with MOBITEK SMS API v. 9
  7. How to Establish a GPRS Connection Using MOBITEK Q24 Modem

How to Import Numbers from Excel Into SMS360


  1. Use the Excel file that was installed. The Excel file is located in C:\Program Files\MOBITEK SMS360\Basic Edition.
  2. Insert contacts details into Excel File
  3. Save the Excel File, the extension should be .xls
  4. At SMS360 application, click this button to import contacts from excel into SMS360 address book
  5. Once, the contact manager tab appear click the browse button to search for the excel file and select it.
  6. The selected excel file will be shown in the textbox
  7. Click proceed
  8. Number of imported contacts will be shown
  9. The imported contacts will be shown at the address book of SMS360.


How to Set-Up Sierra Wireless GL6110 GSM Modem

  1. Connect the antenna to the modem
  2. Connect the power adapter to the modem.
  3. Plug in the power adapter, turn on power
  4. Insert the SIM card, modem green LED will blink.GL6110-setup-04
  5. Attach serial Cable to modem and the other end to the USB-to-serial converter.
  6. Plug the USB cable into the USB port of the PC.
    The USB driver is the same as MOBITEK Q24 Modem.

How to Send SMS Using Command Line (CLISMS version 6)

Install CLISMS version 6

  1. Install Setup.exe
    CISMS v6 wil be installed in C:/Program Files/Mobitek/CLISMS
  2. Open the Device Manager and look into the Ports to find the modem is connected in which port on “Sierra Wireless AT Command Port (UMTS)”. CLISMS6-03


How to Use CLISMS by Using “bat” File

  1. Open Right click on sms.bat. Then choose Edit.CLISMS6-04
  2. Then the notepad will display like this. Change the port, phone number and message with necessary. Save it.CLISMS6-05
  3. Go back to your path file C:/Program Files/Mobitek/CLISMS. Double click at sms.batCLISMS6-06
  4. Then it will apear on command line form. This will automatically closed once the transaction of sending SMS is done.CLISMS6-07
  5. You can see the log file is generated on your path C:/Program Files/Mobitek/CLISMS.CLISMS6-08
  6. You may click on the log to see the transaction. Now you can see the record is there. CLISMS6-09


How to Use CLISMS in Command Line

  1. To sent out sms :-
    clisms.exe /port=2 /to=0162211600 /msg=Alert [press “Enter”]
    echo “sent” [press “Enter”]

More Information

Refer to the manual