How to Change the IP Address of MobiGATE Using “upgrade.exe”

Problem: unable to change the IP address via MobiGATE’s administrator web page (serial port server).

Applies to:

  • all models of MobiGATE SG-B-x-L-x and
  • MOBITEK Q24 STK Modem Hub B-8-L


  1. Run the program “upgrade.exe”. Download from here … (
  2. Click “Search all devices” to find IP address of MobiGATE.
  3. Optional: click “connect to device” if want to connect to MobiGATE.
  4. If found, it will show a list of MobiGATE with IP address.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-02
  5. Select MobiGATE (
  6. Click “Temporary change IP address”.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-03
  7. Insert temporary IP address ( and click OK.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-04
  8. The new temporary IP address will be updated on the list. Note: it will revert back to its old IP address ( after you power off.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-05
  9. Now access the web menu of MobiGATE via web browser using the temporary IP address (, change the IP address from (old) to (new), click on “Submit”.
    Change the IP Address of MobiGATE-06
  10. Then goto “Save Config” menu and click “Save”  to permanently change the IP address to (new).