MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway



MOBITEK® MobiGATE model: SG-B-8-L / SG-B-8-L-W / SG-B-4-L / SG-B-4-L-W

All these models have LAN connectivity and are IP based SMS gateway.

MOBITEK® MobiGATE has an IP address, e.g.

Each modem/SIM card has an IP address:port, e.g.

  • modem/SIM card no. 1 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 2 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 3 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 4 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 5 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 6 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 7 <=>
  • modem/SIM card no. 8<=>


System Architecture no. 1

MobiGATE can be scaled up. Multiple units of MobiGATE is connected to 1 server.


System Architecture no. 2

Multiple units of MobiGATES located in various countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia) are centrally controlled by 1 server in Singapore.

MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway-01


System Architecture no. 3

1 unit of MobiGATE can be shared by multiple servers in local area network.

MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway-02


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