MOBITEK S80 Sends SMS Over 3G Network

  1. The AT command result of MOBITEK S80 GSM/SMSModem shows:-
  2. Take note that AcT = 2MOBITEKS80-3G-02

    UTRAN (short for “Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network”) is a collective term for the network and equipment that connects mobile handsets to the public telephone network or the Internet. It contains the base stations, which are called Node B’s and Radio Network Controllers (RNCs)[1] which make up the UMTS radio access network.[2] This communications network, commonly referred to as 3G (for 3rd Generation Wireless Mobile Communication Technology), —

    Since it is “2”, this mean MOBITEK S80 is connected to 3G network and SMS is sent via 3G network.

  3. Will MOBITEK S80 be restricted to sending SMS via 2G only ?
  4. No, MOBITEK S80 can send SMS via 2G or 3G network. MOBITEKS80-3G-03


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