How to Install USB Driver of MOBITEK S80 and Find the COM Port Number

Step 1: DO NOT connect USB cable or connect modem to PC/server.

Step 2: Install the USB driver first by clicking on ‘run’. USB driver can be downloaded from here — Drivers/USB Driver for MOBITEK
USB driver S80-002
Step 3: Click on ‘next’.
USB driver S80-003

Step 4: Check the ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’ and click on ‘Next’.
USB driver S80-004

Step 5: Choose the installation folder or path, then click on ‘Next’.
USB driver S80-005

Step 6: Click on ‘Install’.
USB driver S80-006

Step 7: Make sure to restart the machine or computer in order to use the installed driver.
USB driver S80-007

Step 8: After computer is restarted, connect the modem to the computer. In device manager, the connected modem is listed as ‘Sierra Wireless AT Command Port (UMTS)’. In this example, the modem is connected to COM port number 29.
USB driver S80-008