How to Resize Hard Disk Partition Without 3rd Party Software

Problem: my PC’s partition C drive is full, I need to increase the size or volume of the C drive. I have a lot of space in D drive. I do not have any 3rd party software like Paragon Partition Manager, EaseUS Partition Manager, etc. How do move or allocate free space in D drive to C drive?


Solution: you do not need any 3rd party software, Windows 7 and above should able to allocate free space from 1 partition to another (provided both partitions are on the same hard disk). Refer to the steps below …

  1. goto Disk Management
  2. if you wish to increase of the C drive volume, then right click on the partition next to C drive (in this case it is D drive)
  3. right click on D drive, select “Shrink Volume… ” to reduce the size of D drive:-
  4. 01-How to Resize Partition-Shrink the volume of Dright click on C drive, select “Extend Volume…” to increase the size of C drive
    02-How to Resize Partition-Extend the volume of C partition