Key Take Aways From the Meeting with SITEC

Date: 4 November 2016

To: EXCO Members of Young Entrepreneurs of KLSCCCI

Re: Key Take Aways From the Meeting with SITEC

KLSCCCI ICT Group had a networking meeting with Selangor Information Technology & E-commerce Council ( this morning.

  1. KLSCCCI wants to see a fruitful result/outcome in collaborating with SITEC in these areas:-
    1. tailor made clases for KLSCCI members on e-commerce
    2. trade missions
  2. SITEC has closed working relationship with MDEC, MAGIC, MITI & MATRADE
  3. SITEC is well funded by Selangor government

My opinion:-

Other points:-

  • Perhaps can tap onto SITEC (or any organisation that has money) as they are well funded by Selangor govt and is very actively helping business owners to go digital (e-commerce)
  • the coaching scope can focus on helping entreprenuers to move into digital economy/e-commerce as most of our Youth members are business owners in non-ICT sector rather as ICT start-ups
  • instead of mentoring, we can look into consultation, the consultants are KLSCCCI ICT members, giving advice on technical issues of ICT/e-commerce (e.g. how to advertise in google)
  • another advantage of SITEC is the training/coaching is conducted in Mandarin (in addition to English and Malay)
  • since most of our youth members are not start-ups therefore, the accelerator/incubation programme may not be helpful to them
  • but, if we change the target of ¬†INNOVATIVE YOUTH 2017 from university students to start-ups, then the accelerator/incubation/coach and grow programme is very helpful for them.