Quick Installation Guide for Multiple SMS Engines

Applies to : MOBITEK SMS Engine — Basic Edition version 5.x

For multiple SMS Engines,

  1. Backup your old/current Access database
  2. Uninstall old engine
  3. In the MOBITEK thumb drive, look for the installer “Setup SMS Engine – Basic Edition with 4 engines.exe”
  4. Run the installer, it will install 4 engines but you will only use 2
  5. If you need your old records, then copy and overwrite the Access database; otherwise skip this step
  6. Goto “start”, look for …multiple-sms-engines-01
  7. Configure “SMS Engine 1” for use with modem no. 1
  8. Configure “SMS Engine 2” for use with modem no. 2
  9. If require, you may need to grant permission “full control” to the Access database