Preventive Maintenance Check List for Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya

Revised on 2018-Oct-15

  1. Things to Bring
    1. 1 unit of MOBITEK Q24 SMS Modem, Type S, in case replacement is required
    2. USB thumb drive
      1. contains installer of CLISMS (in case customer’s CLISMS is faulty)
      2. to copy screen captures, text files, etc. done on server of Klinik Putrajaya
    3. SIM card (in case customer’s SIM card is faulty)
  2. Preventative maintenance is a success if all the following conditions are met:-
    1. SMS is sent immediately when power failure;
    2. SMS is sent when power failure has happened more than 30 min;
    3. SMS is sent when power failure has happened more than 75 min;
    4. SMS is sent when power is restored;
  3. Preventive maintenance check list:-
    1. check MOBITEK Q24 SMS Modem is properly installed and check the COM port number;
    2. test CLISMS to see if SMS can be send out via batch file and/or command line;
      1. if CLISMS cannot send out SMS, then test using hyper terminal;
    3. check UPSMAN is configured correctly;
    4. check UPS Monitor is:-
      1. running in system tray;
      2. status is showing “UPS-STATUS Normal”; and
      3. it is in “Windows Start -> Start-up”
  4. Save all of these into thumb drive:-
    1. screen shot of UPSMAN
    2. screen shot of UPS Monitor
    3. screen shot of Device Manager -> Ports
    4. log file
    5. batch file used for manual testing
  5. Prepare an e-mail report to
    1. attach screen captures (refer to Thunderbird for past e-mail report)
    2. attach the Check List Form (KLINIK KESIHATAN PUTRAJAYA — SMS Modem Checklist Form.docx) in pdf file format
      Note: report in e-mail is our reporting format that describe the steps we taken during preventive maintenance, while report in pdf (MS Word) file is the format required by Procurri and Klinik Kesihantan Putrajaya

Configuration Guide of UPSMAN

    1. check UPSMAN is configured correctly with:-

click “Advanced User”


in “Events” tab, click “Powerfail”


select “C:\CLISMS.exe” and “Edit”


PROGRAM = C:\CLISMS.exe                                                             PARAMETERS = /port=3 /to=0162010899,0162010899,01112198190 /msg=Power failure at Server Room. Please call Maintanance!

    1. due to blocking by anti-virus programme in client’s PC, UPSMAN cannot execute batch file; therefore, cannot use batch file anymore

Configuration Guide of UPS Monitor

  1. if UPS Monitor Programme is not in startup folder, then insert it

    click “Start>All Programs>Startup”

  2. if UPS Monitor Programme is not running in system tray, then re-start it


    select “Local UPSMAN via TCP/IP” and click “Connect

  3. Make sure it is running in system tray


    after restarting, UPS Monitor Programme is running in system tray (refer to red box)

  4. Check the status of UPS Monitor Programme:-
    1. if status shows “UPS-STATUS Normal” then the UPSMAN is communicating with the UPS and able to send SMS via CLISMS.exe

      UPS-STATUS Normal

      UPS-STATUS Normal

    2. if status shows “UPS-STATUS Communication error” then the UPSMAN has failed to communicate with the UPS and will NOT able to send SMS via CLISMS.exe

      UPS-STATUS Communication error

      UPS-STATUS Communication error

Power Shutdown Simulation Test

  1. When power is shutdown, a message box will appear
  2. Check the log file to see if SMS was sent out
  3. Check the message box to see if 30 minutes have passed
  4. Check the log file to see if another SMS was sent out
  5. Power then is restored
  6. Check the log file to see if another SMS was sent out

How to Run Code as an Administrator

Whenever you see this error message

“Cannot open [Windows service name] on computer “


you need to run the VB.Net code as an “Administrator”. There are 2 solutions available.

Solution 1: Modifying “app.manifest”

Step 1: Go to project and select “(Project Name) properties…”


Step 2: Click on “View UAC Settings”2

Step 3: Find the code “<requestedExecutionLevel level=”asInvoker” uiAccess=”false” />”3

Step 4: Replace the code with “<requestedExecutionLevel level=”highestAvailable” uiAccess=”false” />”4

Step 5: You will be able to run your sample code now.


Solution 2: Running Visual Studio as an “Administrator”

Step 1: Find Visual Studio IDE in program files, for my machine it is located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE”a

Step 2: Right click on “vbexpress.exe” and select “Properties”b

Step 3: Click on “Compatibility”, then check on “Run this program as an administrator” , then click “OK”

Step 4: Run the program and it will run as administrator.

How to Install USB Driver of MOBITEK S80 and Find the COM Port Number

Step 1: DO NOT connect USB cable or connect modem to PC/server.

Step 2: Install the USB driver first by clicking on ‘run’. USB driver can be downloaded from here — Drivers/USB Driver for MOBITEK
USB driver S80-002
Step 3: Click on ‘next’.
USB driver S80-003

Step 4: Check the ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’ and click on ‘Next’.
USB driver S80-004

Step 5: Choose the installation folder or path, then click on ‘Next’.
USB driver S80-005

Step 6: Click on ‘Install’.
USB driver S80-006

Step 7: Make sure to restart the machine or computer in order to use the installed driver.
USB driver S80-007

Step 8: After computer is restarted, connect the modem to the computer. In device manager, the connected modem is listed as ‘Sierra Wireless AT Command Port (UMTS)’. In this example, the modem is connected to COM port number 29.
USB driver S80-008