How to Insert SIM Card

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  1. Before you insert the SIM card into your Modem, you must check the position of SIM Card.
    – MOBITEK MobiGATE or MOBITEK Q24 STK MODEM HUBHow to Insert SIM Card-01
    – The correct position of SIM Card to be inserted:How to Insert SIM Card-02
  2. When insert the SIM Card:-
    – the “gold area” of the SIM Card should be facing at down position;
    – turn on the switch button, you can see the blue LED Blinking which means your modem is connected. to the GSM/3G network

Applies To

  • MOBITEK MobiGATE, Model: SG-B-8-L-W
  • MOBITEK MobiGATE, Model: SG-B-8-U
  • MOBITEK Q24 STK Modem Hub, Model: B-8-U
  • MOBITEK Q24 GSM Modem Hub, Model: B-8-U