MOBITEK SMS360 Can Convert E-Mail into Outgoing SMS and to Multiple Recipients

For system integrator who wish to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS, MOBITEK® SMS360 is a converter that simplifies the integration and conversion.

MOBITEK® SMS360 can convert e-mail triggered by SCADA, Network Monitoring System and any type of systems.

MOBITEK® SMS360 can broadcast SMS to multiple recipients by using single e-mail.

For converting 1 e-mail to multiple SMS recipients, you have can do it in 2 ways:-

  1. enter the list of numbers in 1st line of body, comma separated, inside bracket e.g. (013xxxxxxx, 016xxxxxxx)
  2. enter the list of numbers in the setting, comma separated without bracket, refer to screen shot below:-
    • MOBITEK SMS360 E-Mail Edition

      MOBITEK SMS360 E-Mail Edition Converts E-Mail into Outgoing SMS

    • you must UNCHECK these:-
      • “or / and to the number stated in the 1st ….”
      • “or / and to the number sated in subject ….”

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