FAQ on Annual Support Programme

Here is a list of frequently asked questions on our Annual Support Programme or annual software maintenance.

1. Just wonder why the annual support programme needed?

We seek your understanding that in ICT industry, recurring revenue in the form of annual maintenance/support is needed to sustain business as hardware (modem) sale is just a one time sale.

2. You meant if I am not subscribe to your Annual Support Program then you will delay or deny the repair?

No, we will still repair whether or not customer subscribe to Annual Support Programme as repair takes a long time as it depends on factory schedule, if customer had subscribed to Annual Support Programme, then a back-up unit is available for you immediately without the need to wait for the repair.

3. This is not good — if I have 2 products, then I should subscribe to 2 annual support programmes? MOBITEK should consider combined them as one support and not being fair to separate them into 2 programmes.

MOBITEK sells different products (modem, engine, SDK, Dell, IBM, etc.) and each product has its own support’s terms and conditions. This is due to the nature of each product having different service level and warranty condition. Therefore, it is impossible to have 1 programme for all our products. If customer purchase 3 different products from us, then there will be 3 different ASP (which may have caused you to misunderstand). However, the objective is to breakdown the programme into separate programme as this allow customer to know clearly what they are paying for and what kind of benefits they are getting for.

We hope that our explanation is able to assist customers to understand the Annual Support Programme.

Furthermore, it is a common practice in ICT industry that ICT vendor such as Dell, Microsoft, Go-Global, etc. offer annual maintenance contract. It is a source of recurring income that sustain ICT companies and help them to re-invest in R&D for better products and services.

We like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the following customers who had supported us and subscribed to our Annual Support Programme:-

  1. Macro Kiosk
  2. Trans-Asia Shipping Corporation Berhad (TASCO)
  3. Siemens, India
  4. Bluu
  5. SRS Engineering Sdn Bhd
  6. MDT Innovations Sdn. Bhd.