Can WhatsApp group messaging replace SMS broadcasting?

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Can WhatsApp replace SMS?

Here is a feedback from our customer:-

We are using SMS broadcast as 30% of the broadbase customer still using old type of phone that doesn’t provided data. And sometimes whatsapp will delay, so sending sms will be more secure to ensure promotions are sent to customer daily.

Key points:-

  1. SMS delivery rate is better than WhatsApp
  2. SMS is faster than WhatsApp
  3. Not all users have smart phone + 3G data plan
  4. Not all users installed WhatsApp
  5. SMS has delivery status report, and the report includes date and time of the message being delivered to user; while WhatsApp does not have it
  6. There is no limit placed on the number of SMS send out; while WhatsApp impose 50 users in group messaging
  7. SMS is more secured than WhatsApp because user will not able to see other mobile numbers in the SMS broadcast while recipient of a WhatsApp message will able to see all mobile numbers/users in the group. E.g. if you send 1 promotion message to 50 users via SMS, all the 50 users will not able to see each other mobile numbers but in WhatsApp, all 50 users are able to see each other mobile numbers.

To find out how you can use MOBIGATE or SMS360 to do SMS brodcasting, please contact us.