List of Problems with Facebook Page

Problem: If the the post with video attached is edited, even though I did not remove the video, the video will be automatically removed.

Solution: none.


  1. The default administrator account has problem with uploading video

    and accessing “Video library”
  2. The above 2 errors occurred when used in:-
    1. Opera browser Version:68.0.3618.125 in Asus laptop
    2. Chrome browser Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit) in Asus laptop
    3. Chrome browser Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (32-bit) in  Dell-E6410 laptop
    4. IE 11 in Asus laptop


Solution: add another FB account as “Administrator” and able to solve the above roblem — able to access “Video library” and successfully upload video.


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