How to Recover Lost Partition in Hard Disk

Problem: partition(s) in external hard disk (using hard disk docking station) was lost due to hard disk failure, did not use “safely remove …” to remove hard disk, hard disk corruption, etc.

Solution: there are various recovery tools available

TestDisk is the free and fast while the rest comes with limitations. In this tutorial, TestDisk will be used. The only disadvantage with TestDisk — using command line instead of GUI.

First of all, to recover the lost partition, the same hard disk docking station must be used. I have moved the external hard disk to another docking station and all the above recovery tools cannot detect the lost partition.

  1. run “testdisk_win.exe
  2. select “Create”
  3. select the hard disk having lost partition
  4. if hard disk is formatted using Windows, then select “Intel”
  5. select “Analyse”
  6. TestDisk will display a list of partitions in green letter, press “Enter” to continue”
  7. select “Write” to recover the lost partitions
  8. for more information refer to