How to Port VB6 to VB.Net Code

Problem: I have old VB6 code, what is the easiest way to convert or port to VB.Net?


  1. Copy the CLISMS folder (original code) into our local disk.how_to_port-01 
  2. Run the Visual Basic 2008. Click File>Open Project. It should appear like this. Open the CLISMS original code.how_to_port-02 
  3. Choose the project which is .vbp and click “Open”.how_to_port-03 
  4. Upgrade the coding using the upgrade wizard in VB.Net. It appear like this. Click “Next”.how_to_port-04 
  5. Choose “EXE”, click “Next”.how_to_port-05 
  6. Change to “CLISMS.NET”, click “Next”.how_to_port-06 
  7. Click “Yes”.how_to_port-07 
  8. Wait for the process porting to be completed. The dialog box will automatically closed once it is done.how_to_port-08 
  9. You can see the project has successfully ported.how_to_port-09 



The following steps are optional.

  1. Double click “My Project”, goto “Application”, change the “CLI” to “CLISMS”. Save ithow_to_port-10 
  2. Click “Build -> Build CLISMS”.
  3. Go to “G:\mobitek\CLISMS ori code\CLISMS.NET\bin”how_to_port-12 
  4. Copy the “sms.bat” from the ori code.how_to_port-13 
  5. Paste on your upgraded code. My path:G:\mobitek\CLISMS ori code\CLISMS.NET\binhow_to_port-14
  6. Right click the sms batch file and click edit.how_to_port-15
  7. It appear that can be edited one.The notepad appear. change the port number and change the telephone number. Then press ctrl+S.how_to_port-16
  8. Double click the sms batch file. It appear like this. Your cmd will automatically closed once the process of sending SMS is send. Then, it is donehow_to_port-17

Note: The clisms cant worked correctly if it situated on network folder. it must be copied into our local disk.

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