Edit “config.xml” File Using Control Panel for SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition

Control Panel for SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.1 of Control Panel for SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition.

MOBITEK® SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition

The SMS Engine used by MOBITEK MobiGATE model SG-B series.




  1. A GUI tool to edit the “config.xml”  (configuration file for MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition). Previously, notepad is being used to edit the configuration file.
  2. To monitor the status of each modem.


User’s Guide

Please refer to https://www.mobitek.my/main/software-development-kit/users-guide-for-control-panel-version-2-4-for-sms-engine-enterprise-edition/



Existing customer Please download the installer from https://www.mobitek.my/main/software-development-kit/users-guide-for-control-panel-version-2-4-for-sms-engine-enterprise-edition/#DOWNLOAD_THE_INSTALLER

How to Solve the Problem of VCOM is Connected But SMS Engine Fails to Initialized

Applies To:

  • MOBITEK MobiGATE Model SG-B series
  • MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 5, 6 and 7


  1. Despite blue LED of MobiGATE is blinking (connected to mobile network), the log file of SMS Engine shows “Modem ID 1 : failed to initialize” or Modem ID 1 has no response in the hyper terminal; and
  2. VCOM shows NET Status is “Connected” and COM Status is “Open”.


Configure the baud rate of all modems in MobiGATE to “115200”.

  1. Open web browswer, key in the IP address of MobiGATE.
  2. Goto left side of navigation bar, select “Async”, to display “Port1”, “Port2”, … “Port8”.
  3. Goto “Port1”, set the “baudrate” to “115200”, check the box “Apply to all” and “Submit”. This will make all ports (modems) to have the same baud rate at “115200”.
  4. Next goto “Save Config” then click “Save” button.




How to Set-Up MOBITEK S52 3G Modem in Linux Running in VirtualBox

Configuring VirtualBox

  1. Type “lsusb” in Terminal to check if the modem is connected
  2. If not goto USB Setting
  3. Click add
  4. Click SimTech and then click OK
  5. Type “lsusb” in Terminal for confirmation


  6. Change to USB2
  7. Fix the mode to “CR,LF Line end”
  8. Click Open device
  9. Type command in this space
  10. Type (AT+CMGS=”SIM number”) then press enter
  11. Change mode to “Hex input” and type “1A” to send SMS, this is an alternative way for “CTRL Z”
  12. Change the mode to “CR,LF Line end” and type the command to read SMS, AT+CMGL=”ALL”

How to Solve “Unable to update record with this report”

Applies to: SMS360 – Basic Edition

We like to provide 3 suggested solutions to this error message

GetDeliveryStatusReport Modem ID: 1, Unable to update record with this report

Suggested Solution no.1 — Uncheck Delivery Status Report

Uncheck it, the Engine will not check for any delivery report.

Suggested Solution no. 2 — Delete All records in Outbox table

Warning: please back-up your database before you delete all records. This should be done by your software developer (John or Jen).

  1. Backup database file (.mdb)
    Copy “SMSEngine5.mdb” and save as “SMSEngine5_01.mdb” in your PC.
  2. Click View and select “SQL View”
    Insert query and click “Run”.
  3. Click yes to delete all the records.

    • After you remove records using a delete query, you cannot undo the operation. If you want to know which records were deleted, first examine the results of a select query that uses the same criteria, and then run the delete query.
    • Maintain backup copies of your data at all times. If you delete the wrong records, you can retrieve them from your backup copies.
  4. All records will be deleted.

Suggested Solution no. 3 — Re-install

Warning: please back-up your database before you re-install. This should be done by your software developer (John or Jen).

  1. Backup database file (.mdb)
    Copy “SMSEngine5.mdb” and save as “SMSEngine5_01.mdb” in your PC.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall SMS Engine Basic Edition.
  3. Database will clear and new records starts with no.1.

How to Configure WooCommerce

Initial Set-Up

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce.
  2. Go to Product and “Add New”.

    1. Fill in your product name.
    2. Set your Product image.
    3. Set your product price.
    4. “Publish” your product.
  3. Go to “Pages” and “Add New” page.
    1. Title: Front page
    2. Go to WooCommerce/Setting/Product
      • set “Shop page” to “Front Page”
      • Then “Save changes”.

  4. Go to “Pages” and “Add New”.
    1.   Title: Cart Page
    2.   Write the short code — [woocommerce_cart]
    3. Publish the page
  5. Go to “Pages” and “Add New”.
    1. Title: Check Out
    2.   Write the short code in visual
      • [woocommerce_checkout]
    3. Publish the page
  6. Go to “Pages” and “Add New”.
    1. Title: Terms and Condition
    2. Paste your terms and condition in this page
    3. Publish the page
  7. Go to WooCommerce/Setting
  8. Go to “Checkout” menu and scroll down to see “Checkout pages”.

    1. Then, assign the pages which was added corresponding to “Cart page”, “Checkout page” and “Terms and condtions”.

  9. In the same page you can choose the payment method by scrolling down to “Payment gateways”.

    • Example to show how to turn on Payment method;
      1. Click on the Cash on Delivery
      2. Check to enable cash on delivery
        Note: At least one Payment gateways have to be enabled to continue checkout
      3. Save the changes

How to Change Currency

  1. Go to WooCommerce/Setting/General, scroll down, look for “Currency options”.
  2. This is how your product page should look like after changes are made.


How WooCommerce Works?

  1. Customer view product and add item to cart.

  2. After all item added to cart, click Shopping Cart to view items in Cart.

  3. In this page, customer can modify his shopping car. Customer then click “Proceed to checkout”.

  4. Fill up the billing details.

    • check on checkbox at below then place order.
  5. Order details are sent to both customer and merchant by email:-


How to Fix High CPU Usage


  1. CPU usage is high.
  2. “MsMpEng.exe” shows high process.


  1. Uninstall all unwanted antivirus in Control Panel.
  2. Open Windows Defender and Look for update.
  3. If it is up to date, continue with Full Scan.
  4. For all the Detected items, change their Recommended Action to “Quarantine”.
  5. Observe for a week to see if the CPU usage is high.
  6. Problem solved.

SMS Content Has Strange Alphabets and Numbers

Product: MOBITEK S80 Type S Expiry Date of Warranty and Support  2017-12-20
Which Development Kit are you using? What is the Operating System?
Which programming language are you using? SIM Card Used:
Description of Problem: I receive SMS with number and alphabet (unknown content) quite constantly. One of the SMS I receive as below,


could you assist.

Trouble Shooting:
Suggested Solution: