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How to Set-Up 3G Router F342x

Configuring F342x

  1. Insert SIM card (standard size; not nano size nor micro size) into router.
  2. Connect the LAN cable between PC and router (label with “ETH”).
  3. Enter the IP address of the 3G Router (default is on the web page, you will see this.
  4. Click on “Setup”, and enter this to enable access to the Configuration Page of F342x — ¬†user name “admin”, password¬† is “admin”.
  5. Click on “WAN”, to check 3G signal strength and connection status.

Configuring APN of the 3G Network (SIM card)

  1. Look for “APN” to check the connected network
  2. Select a preferred network from the table below and key-in into the APN on the F3424 configuration page.
    MAXIS post-paid unet maxis net
    MAXIS pre-paid net guest guest
    DIGI diginet guest guest
    CELCOM guest guest
    U MOBILE my3g

List updated on 2019-Sep-9

How to Check for Internet Connection

There are 2 ways:-

  1. Check WAN status :
  2. Use web browser to check for internet connection

User Manual

Download the full user manual here …F3427 User Manual