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How to Solve Microsoft Security Essentials Stopping by Itself

  1. Uninstall (Microsoft Security Essentials), should be able to remove MSE from Control Panel. Any problems uninstalling see: Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials  
  2. Recommend to restart the computer to ensure the uninstall is complete.
  3. Re-install the MSE. Can download a new MSE Installation File from:


Looking for STK API Sample Codes or STK Engine to Run Reload Transaction?

Looking for MOBITEK® STK API  Sample Codes?

We have uploaded sample codes in and Java for MOBITEK® STK API version 6.5. You may download from here …

Don’t Want to Write Code? Then Use Engine

You can reduce development time by using  MOBITEK® STK Engine version 4.5. Refer to user’s guide here …

MOBITEK® STK API version 5.0 End-Of-Life

We no longer support version 5, for more information, please read this …


Both AirCard Watcher and SMS360-Email Can Run at The Same Time

Both AirCard Watcher and MOBITEK SMS360-Email were started from 2018-7-17, 3:51 pm until 2018-7-18, 3:51 pm

During this time, AirCard Watcher is connected to 3G network with mobile data enabled.

Result: MOBITEK SMS360 E-MAIL is working, able to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS. Both AirCard Watcher and MOBITEK SMS360-Email were able to run at the same time.



MOBITEK SMS360 E-MAIL is working, able to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS.                     SMS is received:-