How to Solve Microsoft Security Essentials Stopping by Itself

  1. Uninstall (Microsoft Security Essentials), should be able to remove MSE from Control Panel. Any problems uninstalling see: Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials  
  2. Recommend to restart the computer to ensure the uninstall is complete.
  3. Re-install the MSE. Can download a new MSE Installation File from:


Looking for STK API Sample Codes or STK Engine to Run Reload Transaction?

Looking for MOBITEK® STK API  Sample Codes?

We have uploaded sample codes in and Java for MOBITEK® STK API version 6.5. You may download from here …

Don’t Want to Write Code? Then Use Engine

You can reduce development time by using  MOBITEK® STK Engine version 4.5. Refer to user’s guide here …

MOBITEK® STK API version 5.0 End-Of-Life

We no longer support version 5, for more information, please read this …


Both AirCard Watcher and SMS360-Email Can Run at The Same Time

Both AirCard Watcher and MOBITEK SMS360-Email were started from 2018-7-17, 3:51 pm until 2018-7-18, 3:51 pm

During this time, AirCard Watcher is connected to 3G network with mobile data enabled.

Result: MOBITEK SMS360 E-MAIL is working, able to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS. Both AirCard Watcher and MOBITEK SMS360-Email were able to run at the same time.



MOBITEK SMS360 E-MAIL is working, able to convert e-mail to outgoing SMS.                     SMS is received:-

Difference Between “Bridge” and “NAT” Mode in VirtualBox


What is the IP address of VM (guest)?
Note: the IP address of host is

Note: the IP address of host is
Can VM (guest) shared a folder and allow host to access the shared folder?
Can VM see other PCs/laptops on the MOBITEK workgroup? Yes No
Can VM access the internet? Yes Yes


How to Set to “Bridge Mode” in VirtualBox

  1. Click on “Settings new window will pop up for settings.
  2. Then, go to “Network at “Attached to:” option select “Bridged Adapter” and click “OK”.

Note: Not required to stop the machine/ shutdown for this settings.