Brainstorming on KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Committee Investment Vehicle

To: EXCO Member of KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Committee

From: K. L. Ng

I am just brain storming here ….

Since all of us are entrepreneurs, some may like to invest but do not wish to operate.

If we set up an investment vehicle, share holders/investors are KLSCCI Youth to invest a business say another retail outlet of Original Cake.

Each investor will get a return.

Much like crowdfunding but the crowd is KLSCCCI Youth, business it is more towards tradition business, the sturcture more formal and structure.


Suggestion on KLSCCCI YEC Membership Directory/Handbook

To: EXCO Members

From: K. L. Ng

Re: Suggestion on  KLSCCCI YEC Membership Directory/Handbook

It was agreed that when our membership reaches 400 members, a handbook (membership directory) will be printed.

Instead of pending 400 members, I like to suggest that we can print it now as we have 200+ members.

1st section: Profile of Chairman, Vice chairmans, EXCO members
2nd section: Profile of KLSCCCI YEC Members sort by company name

– pasport size photo of member
– logo of business
– Q.R. code containing mobile number, office number, fax, e-mail, www, name, company name, etc.
– profile of founder
– profile of company
– 1 page for 1 member

Currently, with 200+ members, using the above format, the handbook will be 200 pages thick. If 400, then it will be very heavy and bulky.

The benefits of printing handbook now are:-
1) for getting to know each other within youth members: right now, I know the name in Whatsapp group but do not know what is the member’s business.
E.g. If I want to know who is doing printing, I can refer to the handbook, and contact the youth directly (right now is posting a message in whatsapp “Who is doing printing?”);
E.g. If I like to know what business is my group members doing, I can refer to handbook;
E.g. if a member wants to find out more about the group leader, he can refer to the 1st section.

2) to create business opportunites by distributing the handbook to youths from other states during ACCCIM YEC Ipoh.
E.g. KLSCCCI can set up a table during ACCCIM YEC IPOH, if a youth from Ipoh wants to look for JV opportunies in KL, he can go to KLSCCCI YEC table and obtain a copy of the handbook to look for the potentional business partner.

3) the handbook can also be used to distirbute to visiting delegate e.g. MACAU YOUTH

4) to create a value to youth members as they will have a sense of belonging and we are helping them to promote their business to other youth members from other states and countries

If printing cost is a constraint, then we can consider printing it and distributing it in “pdf” format. Upload to whatsapp group and our Facebook.

If the above suggestion is beneficial, please discuss during the upcoming EXCO meeting in March.

Chinese New Year Greeting





各位青商團員 — To all Young Entreprenuers Group Members
金雞三啼報旺年 — The golden rooster welcomes the auspicious year in three crows
一啼,生意興隆勝猴年 — 1st crow, business in this year is better than last year
二啼,萬事如意每一年 — 2nd crow, all things go according to you wishes in every year
三啼,輝煌青商至百年 — 3rd crow, your business stays youhtful and is magnificient forever
黄公龍 — Ng Kong Leng
隆雪中總青商執委會會員 — executive committee member of KLSCCCI Young Entreprenuers
敬賀 — with best wishes






今天是大年初九,小弟向諸位中總青商團團員拜年 — I like to extend Chinese New Year greeting to ACCCIM Young Entreprenuers Committee Members
金雞三啼報吉年 — The golden rooster welcomes the auspicious year in three crows
一啼,財源廣進勝猴年 — 1st crow, sources of income is better than last year
二啼,青商高峰就今年 — 2nd crow, your business will reach its pinnacle in this year
三啼,高峰節升年又年 — 3rd crow, your business will scale a higher pinncacle year on year
黄公龍 — Ng Kong Leng
隆雪中總青商團執委會會員 — executive committee member of KLSCCCI Young Entreprenuers
敬賀 — with best wishes