Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and Vietnam Embassy in Malaysia will be organising a Seminar On Equitised Vietnam Enterprise at the following date, time and venue:

Date            :        24 November 2016 (Thursday)

Time           :        10.00 am – 01.30 pm

Venue          :        Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel &

Residences, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur

  1. The objective of the event is to create awareness to Malaysian business community on the investment opportunities available in Vietnam.

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Birthday Greeting to Harry and Vilsonm Wong




祝贺双黄 = To Harry Wong and Vilsonm Wong

双双快乐,富康双倍 = wishing both of you happy, may both of you have double the wealth and double the health

双黄出帅,一炮而红 =
to Vilsonm as the commander (帅), when you lead your team to China for competition, your team members will become famous (一炮而红);

to Harry as the CEO (帅) of oRide (, may you defeat your bike sharing competitors with 1 strike, and your “O” (red in colour) is the victor.





祝贺双黄 = To Harry Wong and Vilsonm Wong

双双快乐,富康双倍 = wishing both of you plenty of happiness, wealth and health

双黄出海,纵横四海 = may both of you have success when you venture out into the business field in four corners of the sea (every part of the world) Sample Code for MOBITEK SMS API version 9.2 Revised

Visual Basic .Net sample code has been revised to include the following example:-

  • GetIMSI
  • Voice class

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Young Entrepreneurs Group’s Theme and Activities for 2017

To: EXCO members
Re: Young Entrepreneurs Group’s Theme and Activities for 2017

BEIJING: Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma will kick-start his role as adviser to the Malaysian Government on its digital economy at the launch of a e-free trade zone (e-FTZ) in March.

In his (Najib’s) Budget 2017 speech last month, Najib announced that a digital economy that includes e-commerce would be Malaysia’s next growth strategy as this could bring about double-digit growth.
(source: )

Key Take away:

  1. Malaysia is moving towards digital economy strongly by evidence of budget allocation and appointing Jack Ma as the advisor.
  2. Many business entreprenuers had claimed that market is very quiet and sales had been slow. If digital ecnonomy can be a successful catalyst then sales could be improved.

My proposal:-

  1. KLSCCCI Young Entrepreneurs Group should take the opportunity to ride on this wave and lead our youth members to ride on this wave; and
  2.  for the year 2017, our theme should be on digital economy, we should plan Youth activities and programmes based on digital economy.

Key Take Aways From the Meeting with SITEC

Date: 4 November 2016

To: EXCO Members of Young Entrepreneurs of KLSCCCI

Re: Key Take Aways From the Meeting with SITEC

KLSCCCI ICT Group had a networking meeting with Selangor Information Technology & E-commerce Council ( this morning.

  1. KLSCCCI wants to see a fruitful result/outcome in collaborating with SITEC in these areas:-
    1. tailor made clases for KLSCCI members on e-commerce
    2. trade missions
  2. SITEC has closed working relationship with MDEC, MAGIC, MITI & MATRADE
  3. SITEC is well funded by Selangor government

My opinion:-

Other points:-

  • Perhaps can tap onto SITEC (or any organisation that has money) as they are well funded by Selangor govt and is very actively helping business owners to go digital (e-commerce)
  • the coaching scope can focus on helping entreprenuers to move into digital economy/e-commerce as most of our Youth members are business owners in non-ICT sector rather as ICT start-ups
  • instead of mentoring, we can look into consultation, the consultants are KLSCCCI ICT members, giving advice on technical issues of ICT/e-commerce (e.g. how to advertise in google)
  • another advantage of SITEC is the training/coaching is conducted in Mandarin (in addition to English and Malay)
  • since most of our youth members are not start-ups therefore, the accelerator/incubation programme may not be helpful to them
  • but, if we change the target of  INNOVATIVE YOUTH 2017 from university students to start-ups, then the accelerator/incubation/coach and grow programme is very helpful for them.

Sir John Monash Lecture: Where is China heading?

We are delighted to invite you to this thought provoking lecture about the future of China, presented by Professor Shaun Breslin.

When President Xi Jinping took over the reins of power in China, he identified five major issues that needed urgent attention before he could consolidate China’s global role or articulate a vision for China as a new type of Great Power. Trying to deal with all five issues at the same time has proved far from easy for Xi Jinping and the result has been uncertainty and unease over where China is going domestically, politically, economically and socially.

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