Java Sample Code for MOBITEK STK API version 6.2 — InputRequest() and InputSubmit()


STK refers to SIM Tookit.

SAT refers to SIM Application Toolkit

Both terms are interchangeable.

Java Sample Code

//To display a request from STK menu for an input
vMOBITEK = STKAPI.invoke("InputRequest");
sMOBITEK = vMOBITEK.getString();
System.out.println ("STK Menu has requested for an input: " + sMOBITEK + ".");
//To submit an input to STK Menu
strInput = "OK"
vMOBITEK = STKAPI.invoke("InputSubmit",strInput);
bMOBITEK = vMOBITEK.getBoolean();

More Information

Bug in MOBITEK STK API version 6.2.1

Bug Found In

  • MobitekSTK6.dll version 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2.1
  • MobitekSTK6.dll — ReadSMSText() always return “False” after calling SendSMS().

Test Procedure

  1. Send 10 messages from cellphone to the MOBITEK Q24 STK Modem.
  2. Call the function ReadSMSText() four times, it display the 4 messages.
  3. Then send 1 message from MOBITEK Q24 STK Modem to cellphone.
  4. Cellphone will receive the message.
  5. Call the function ReadSMSText(), return value is always “False” even though there are remaining 6 messages in SIM card.

Suggested Solution

  1. Use ReadSMS() instead; or
  2. Bug has been fixed in MOBITEK STK API verion 6.3


  1. Bug has been fixed in MOBITEK STK API verion 6.3