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Trouble Shooting Guide for SMS Engine Basic Edition (rev. no. 3)

  • Ensure SMS Modem’s red LED is blinking
  • Check SMS modem setting, make sure the COM port number is correct
  • Try to send out SMS directly using the “Test” in SMS Engine instead from your application
  • Restart your PC / server, then restart SMS Engine
  • Power off the modem for ± 2 minutes and then turn on again – still failed to send
  • Use different SIM card
  • Check SIM card’s credit balance if you are using prepaid
  • Check signal strength
  • Please provide log file (if any), located at “C:\Program Files\MOBITEK\SMS Engine Basic Edition\Error Log.txt

For more information on:-

  1. MOBITEK SMS Engine Basic Edition

The Role of SMS in the Business Communications (A2P — Application to Peer)

Businesses worldwide are actively pursuing text messaging to enhance engagement and loyalty. With a properly executed SMS program, enterprises can engage their audiences in a non-intrusive way.

Mobile Banking & Financial Services

Banks and other financial services companies are reaping the benefits of using SMS to save costs while communicating with current and potential customers.

Maybank2u – Customer will receive an SMS alert informing you of the transaction type, amount, status, date and time each time you perform transactions.

Call Centres

Enterprises can use SMS to connect to potential customers and interact with existing customers enabling deeper brand awareness, an increase in traffic to sales centers and, ultimately, an increase in customer conversion.

1 Malaysia One Call Centre – 1MOCC is a single point of contact center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days in a week to answer any public enquiry, complaint, suggestion and feedback via phone call, short messaging system (SMS), fax, email and social media.

Security (2 Factor Authentication)

Twitter improves security while bailing out users with password problems – A security method that adds an extra layer of security on top of passwords. Users who implement it get a six-digit code sent to their registered mobile device by SMS in order to continue their login to the site.

WhatsApp Messenger – Authenticating and Security (The SMS will contain a 6-digit verification code, which you can enter on the verification screen in WhatsApp. The verification code is unique, and changes each time you verify a new phone number or device.)


Motorola Assist update adds SMS voice reply and music app launcher– Motorola Assist driving mode has always been helpful in announcing an incoming call or text message and then reading out text messages. With the updated application you can now reply to incoming SMS messages using your voice.


Healthcare companies are discovering the advantages of using SMS to communicate test results, diagnosis and treatment advice, as well as billing information to patients. SMS can also be an effective tool to provide appointment reminders, medication and treatment reminders or alerts about prescription availability.

Ealing Hospital in West London– one of the hospitals using short message service (SMS) to remind patients of routine outpatient and MRI scan appointments.

Travel & mTicketing

Mobile ticketing is all about paperless tickets: no paper, no postage, no need to print at home, and no paper receipt to forget or to lose. It is nearly instant in delivery which allows for last-minute ticket sales very easily.

AirAsia – AirAsia launches world’s first SMS ticket booking service.


Retailers use SMS to build brand awareness and increase purchase intent with their audience. SMS provides a highly effective channel to promote timely and personalized offers.

Dell Shipping And Delivery – Dell uses SMS to notify the customer on the delivery status for the Dell goods.

Customer Service

Checking Summons – In cooperation with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) DAPAT is introducing a much faster way to check your traffic summons issued by the traffic police. You only need to send an SMS at anytime and anywhere in Malaysia.


SMS is a unique marketing tool, allowing brands to deliver content or critical information to their customers instantly with tailored and personalized offers to achieve higher rates of conversion while improving brand awareness and creating customer loyalty. Marketers who embrace mobile marketing have the opportunity to differentiate their services and better serve their customers. SMS is simple, easy to use and its reach is seemingly unparalleled.

SMS is complementary to other mobile channels, including apps and the mobile web, as well as traditional communication channels. Looking at the entire marketing spectrum – print, radio, television, online and outdoor – it is clear that SMS has the ability to interweave and link with all channels, which can make traditional campaigns truly interactive and measurable.

How to Trigger SMS Alert When Server is Rebooted (CLISMS)

SMS Alert can be triggered after the server is booted with the help of script. Script contain a list of instruction for a computer. By taking advantages of this we create a script which will send SMS to designed number. This Script contain a command on sending specific message to receiver via CLISMS application and it is set to run right after the server is successfully booted.

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