Why Invoice Number is Required When Requesting for Support?

  • Our support/warranty follows the date of invoice.
  • Depending on the terms and conditions, the support and warranty can be 12, 3 or 1 months from date of invoice. Therefore invoice number will assist us to determine the correct warranty period.
  • We are able to create a support case number in our support management system and this will help us to provide prompt support to customer.
  • Invoice number allow us to track the serial number of modem, firmware of modem, manufacturing date of modem
  • We are able to trace the release number of SMS Gateway Development Kit, Air-Time Reload Development Kit, SMS Engine, and other Software Development Kit

The invoice number (the white label) is located at the back of the product/modem.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the invoice number, you can provide the serial number (usually 15 digit) of the product/modem, we will check for the invoice number on our record.

How to Set-up MOBITEK Q24 STK MODEM HUB in Overseas but Connected to My Application in Local?

  1. Use MOBITEK® Q24 STK MODEM HUB, model: B-8-L-SG
  2. Install the HUB with UAE SIM cards in overseas, e.g. data centre in UAE.
  3. Your application is running in local server, e.g. in Pakistan data centre.
  4. Your application can control the MODEM HUB via internet and perform pre-paid top-up.

For more information, refer to How Does MOBTEK Q24 STK MODEM HUB (model B-8-L-SG) Work?

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“OK” Bug in MOBITEK SMS API version 5.3.5 , v. 7 and v.9

Problem: When calling the SMS.ReadSMS(), it returns “False” despite there are incoming SMS in the SIM card.

To replicate condition no. 1: send 1 SMS with “abcOK” only. Modem will received 1 incoming SMS, call SMS.ReadSMS(), it will return “False”.

To replicate condition no. 2: send 2 or more SMS with “OK” only. Modem will received 2 or more incoming SMS, call SMS.ReadSMS(), it will return “False”.

Cause: MOBITEK SMS API captures the response from modem partially, i.e. response that ends with 1st “OK” from modem. It did not capture full response with the last “OK” from modem. API will parse incorrectly and will return “False”.

The “OK” bug exists in these versions:-

  1. MOBITEK SMS API version 5.3.6 and earlier
  2. MOBITEK SMS API version 7.3 and earlier
  3. MOBITEK SMS API version 9.0 and earlier

Solution: bug is fixed in:-

  1. MOBITEK SMS API version 5.3.7 for condition no. 1 only
  2. MOBITEK SMS API version 5.3.8 for condition no. 1 and 2

If you are affected, please contact Customer Support Team.