MobiGATE Has a Powerful SMS Engine

Compare with modem pool that is made in China, MobiGATE has a powerful MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition, having these features:-

  1. routing by prefix
  2. manual routing
  3. load balancing
  4. auto reconnection to modem and database
  5. etc.

The above features cannot be done via AT command.

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Each GSM Channel/SIM Card/Modem of MobiGATE Has Its Own IP Address

We need multiple sim modems for the different providers here in the Philippines.  We are already using wavecom single sim modems.  We need multiple sims modem wherein we can assign ip address for each sim. Do you have such product?

Yes, we have, we recommend MobiGATE Model: SG-4-E that supports 4 GSM Channels/SIM Cards/Modems, each of the channel can be assigned to an IP address:-

  • modem 1 =>
  • modem 2 =>
  • modem 3 =>
  • modem 4 =>

On PC side, you will need to install a virtual com port driver that will map a COM port to the IP address, e.g.:-

  • COM Port no. 11 =>
  • COM Port no. 12 =>
  • COM Port no. 13 =>
  • COM Port no. 14 =>

You can use the following communication methods:-

  2. AT command via TCP/IP (you do not need to specify the IP address as the virtual com port has mapped the comport with IP address for you)

Note: the above model SG-4-E was an old model.

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MOBIGATE — How to Send and Read SMS



These are the protocols supported by MOBIGATE SG-4-E to send and read SMS:-

  1. SQL
    • to send out SMS: Insert into Outbox (msg_id, message, destination) values (‘1’, ‘Hello!’, ‘+60172233111’)
    • to read SMS: Select * from Inbox where read_status = ‘N’
  3. AT Command over TCP/IP


How to Scale-Up SMS Gateway

Is there another model that is capable of supporting more than 4 modems?

There are 2 options:-

  1. MobiGATE; or
  2. Modem Hub

We recommend MobiGATE as the solution. 1 unit MobiGATE has built-in:-

  1. 4 SMS Modems/SIM cards; and
  2. Modem Hub

To scale-up (increase number of modems), add more units of MobiGATE, model: SG-4-E where the connectivity is ethernet (LAN port):-

  • all MOBIGATEs are connected to <-> switch/LAN <-> Windows server
  • 1 Windows server is able to control multiple units of MOBIGATE
    • e.g. 1 server can control 10 units of MOBIGATE (or 40 units of Modems)
  • 1 server, 1 SMS Engine, 1 config.xml, 1 database <-> multiple units of MOBIGATE

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